Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report


C & D Auction Marts Limited had forward 4,611 store lambs at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 1st September, 2015.

An increased entry of quality stores attracted a full ring of buyers, trade was on par to the previous week’s high rates with Greyfaces up by £2.

Top of £65 for Texels from The Park, others £61 Toftholm, £60.50 Churchview; Beltex £61.50 Arnmannoch; North Country Cheviot £60.50 Whiteknowe; Suffolk £59.50 Satchells; Lleyn £56 Barmagachan; Cheviot Mule £55 Viewley and Falnash; Greyface £51.50 High Burnfoot and Viewley, £50 School Cottage; Hill Cheviot £50 Oliver Road; Blackface £40 Merkland, £38 Laingshill.


C & D Auction Marts Limited held their Annual Main Sale of 2,721 head of Breeding Ewes and Shearlings at Longtown on Tuesday 1st September 2015, also this day saw the Annual Sale of Zwartbles and some early season rams.

Breeding ewes and shearlings were a grand show for quality and sold at similar rates as seen across the country. Averages would be back around £15-£20 on the year.

Good quality sheep continue to be in demand with an evident swing away from the Mule to either a Texel, Continental or Suffolk cross Mule ewe/shearling. However, most stock found new homes with only a handful of lots going back home unsold.

The sale was topped at £135 for ¾ Texel shearlings from Messrs Smith, Crumhaughhill, Hawick, selling to Mr Emslie, Mintlaw, Peterhead. These were closely followed at £132 for North of England Mule shearlings from Messrs Armstrong, Leaona Villa, Easton to Messrs Frizell, Thorneyland, Longtown.

Ewes topped at £118 for one crop Texel ewes from Messrs Thomson, Hownam Grange to Messrs Smith, Brocklerigg.



Texel - £118 Hownam Grange, £100 Forget me Not, £98 Auchentaggart, £94 Hownam Grange, £92 Dallowie.

Suffolk - £98 Loanend, £96 Hallburn.

Charollais - £93 Broomhouse.

Greyface - £92 Broomhouse and Forget me Not, £88 Calvo, £88, £86 Forget me Not, £85 Newton Cottage and Broomhouse.

Cheviot Mule - £89 Newton Cottage.


Texel - £135 Crumhaughhill, £125 Patties Hill, £122 Shankfieldhead and Westcote, £120 Patties Hill and Shankfieldhead, £118 Nunscleugh.

Greyface - £132, £122 Leaona Villa, £116 Hole of Lyne, £115 Shankfieldhead, £114 Forbes Field, £112 Leaona Villa and Forbes Field.

Suffolk - £110 Greystone House, £98 Loanend.

Charollais- £98 Broomhouse.

Shetland - £66 Sunnyside.

Ewe Lambs

Texel - £75, £70 Stonehall.

A small show of breeding rams sold to keen demand, more could have been sold to advantage.


Shearling Rams

Suffolk - £260, £250 Loanend.

North Country Cheviot - £140 Whitslade.

2 Shear Rams

North Country Cheviot - £190, £150 Whitslade.

A small show of Zwartbles sold to a selective trade for the females with good quality lots selling to great demand.


Ewe Lambs - £120 The Knowe, £88 Viewfields, £72 Sheep Fields