Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Limited had forward a catalogue entry of 7,419 lowland breeding sheep at their special sale at Longtown on Tuesday 15th September, 2015.

At the main sale a grand entry of Greyface Mule ewe lambs was forward, which were a credit to all vendors. Buyers were present from as far North as Peterhead and Devon in the South. Trade was much dearer than expected with averages the same as last year and in some cases vendors were up on the year. Top vendor average was £99.71 for 189 sold from Messrs Forster, The Nook. Top price was £122 for a pen from Messrs Telford, High Parkfoot, others £118 Midtodhills, £112 (x2) High Parkfoot, £110 The Nook (Forster), Fordlands and Bailey Mill, £106 Barbeth.

A total clearance was easily effected.

Prior to the sale judging was in the capable hands of Charlie Smith, Bonchester Bridge who did a first class job. His awards were as follows:-

Ex Swaledale Ewe

1st and Champion (received the Jacob Thomlinson Memorial Rose Bowl) –

R.I. & V.A. Telford, High Parkfoot, Roadhead, sold at £122 to John Ackerley, Milton Mains.

2nd – J.T. James, Midtodhills, Roadhead, sold at £118.

3rd – I.C. & J.P. Copeland, Bailey Mill, Bailey, Newcastleton, sold at £110.

Ex Blackface Ewe

1st – W. & B. Nichol, Lawston, Newcastleton, sold at £100.

2nd – R.W. & M. Carruthers, Hillbrae, Penton, sold at £100.

3rd – A. Carruthers & Sons, Peela Hill, Bewcastle, sold at £102.

A good show of 1,000 Cheviot Mule ewe lambs met a fine trade and were keenly sought after, selling to a top of £96 from Messrs Fishwick, Thornship, £92 Corrie Hills, £91 Thornship, £90 Embley, £89 Faughhill, £88 Gilston and Potholm.

The 547 Continental and other breed ewe lambs were also a show of quality and sold easily to a top of £128 for Bleu d’Maine from Ormiston Lodge; Texel x £80 Springwells, £76 Rinnion Hills, £74 D’Mainholm, £74, £73 West Bolton, £72 Springwells; Suffolk x £74 Gospel Hall, £72 High House

The 1,136 shearlings on offer were an excellent show for quality and sold easier than the last sale. Mostly distant buyers keen for sheep ensured a buoyant trade throughout. The shearling section topped at £172 for Bleu d’Maine from Mrs Blackman, Ormiston Lodge, Hawick, followed at £142 for Cheviot Mules from Byrecleugh, Lonformacus. Other Cheviot Mules to £124 Parkhill; Suffolk x £122 Byrecleugh and Gospel Hall, £120 Dunjop; Texel x £134 Baltier, £126, £120 Eden Park, £120 Dunjop, £119 Awhirk; Greyface £132 Barron House, £126 Porterstown, £122 Baltier, £120 Englishtown and Leaona Villa; Beltex £112 Greystone House; Dutch Texel £112, £110 Westhills; North Country Cheviot £96 West Head, £90 Auchenhill; Hill Cheviot £80 West Head.

A small dispersal of 130 Lleyn and Lleyn x sheep on behalf of D. Watson, Ardnacross, Campbeltown sold very well and were keenly bid for. Shearlings to £86 & £85, one crop £84, two crop £84, three crop £80, four crop £79.

Rams sold to £340 for a Suffolk shearling from Lamberton. Texel x Beltex to £280 (x2) from Nether Brotherston.

And to finish the day 747 ewes of all ages met a very animated trade and were very short of buyers requirements, selling to a top of £124 for Bleu d’Maine from Ormiston Lodge, followed at £104 for two shear North of England Mules from Messrs Armstrong, Leaona Villa. Other Mules to £100 The Flatt, £97 Bowes, £85 Croft House; Texel x £100 Windy Hill, £90 Aldery Terrace; Suffolk x £100, £93 Bowes; Hill Cheviot £62 Claonaig; Cheviot Mule £92 West Bolton.

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