Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C & D Auction Marts Limited had forward 6,520 store lambs at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 6th October, 2015.

Another large show and an abundance of distant buyers attending for the first time this season, trade was sharper all round.  Top of £63 for Masham from Powcrofts and Greyfaces from Crindledykes, other Greyface £59 Powcroft, £55 Meinbank and Gibbs Hill, £54.50 High Lovelady Shield; Texel £61.50 Crindledykes, £60.50 High Lovelady Shield, £60 Whitstone Hill; Suffolk £57.50 Whitstone Hill, £57 Barbuie; Lleyn £54.50 Espland; Charollais £52.50 Espland; Kerry Hill £47.50 Kilncroft; Swaledale £34 Ouston, £31.50 Parkhouse.

Feeding ewes to £64 East Foreshield.  Cast rams to £67.50 Auchenfad.

Hill Cheviots (2,091) a smaller entry and much dearer on the week.  Top £56 Castle Crawford, Toftholm and Parkhill, £55 Glendinning.

Blackfaces (2,140) a larger entry with all classes sharper.  Top £51.50 East Fortissat, £49.50 Albie Rigg and Tweedshaws.