Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

Store Lambs

C & D Auction Marts Limited had forward 9,371 store lambs at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 20th October, 2015.

Another excellent show of lambs attracted plenty of both local and distant buyers with trade similar to the previous week’s high rates.

Top of £70 for Texels from Auchengray Farms, others to £62 Townfoot Eals, £60 Southdene and Blakehopeburnhaugh; Charollais £59 Spadeadam; Suffolk £57 Priesthaugh and Demesne; Greyface £55.50 Penpeugh, £53.50 High Burnfoot, £52.50 Greensburn; Cheviot Mule £55.50 High Trowier, £55 Meiklewhitriggs, £54 Abbeymoss; Hampshire £55 The Flatt; Lleyn £54.50 Harwood House; Swaledale £38.50 Park House, £34 Naddle and Hesleywell.  Cast ewes to £70 Townfoot Eals, hill types £42.50 Percy Farms.

Hill Cheviots (3,018) a big show, trade every bit as dear.  Included in the sale was the Annual Show, sponsored by The Cheviot Hill Sheep Society, judging was ably carried out by Neil Conaghan, Redwood House, Gretna, whose awards were as follows:-

1st – Messrs Irving, Mount Benger, Yarrow, sold at £57.

2nd – Messrs Stewart, Tushielaw, Ettrick, sold at £55.50.

3rd – Messrs Warden, Skelfhill, Hawick, sold at £55.

Other prices - £57 Wileysyke, £53 Glendinning, Burnfoot of Ewes and Windyhaugh.  Hill Northies to £53.50 East Murton, £53 Twislehope, £52 Sorbietrees.

Blackface lambs (3,134) were a tremendous show for quality, the best ever seen at Longtown, trade was very dear.  The Annual Show was sponsored by The Blackface Sheep Breeders Association and judging was carried out again by Neil Conaghan whose awards were as follows:-

1st – A.W. Hepburn-Scott, Harden, Roberton, Hawick, sold at £50.

2nd – Wanwood Partners, Wanwood Hill, Alston, sold at £55.

3rd – John Tullie, Bowan Hill, Teviothead, sold at £50.

Other prices - £54 Horseholme and Closehead, £52 Yatesfield, £51 Allensgreen and Upper Burnmouth.


C&D Auction Marts Limited held their Second Ram Sale of 291 rams and ram lambs of all classes on Tuesday 20th October 2015. 

Most rams sold well with the best quality rams in great demand.  A large entry of ram lambs sold easily and met a great clearance.

The sale included the Annual Sale for Hill & North Country Cheviot and Horned Rams.  This section was topped at £550 for a Blackface shearling ram from Messrs Douglas, Townhead, Yarrow, which sold to Plas-Uchaf, Denbighshire.

Principal Hill Ram prices:-

Blackface Shearlings - £550, £400 Townhead, Yarrow.

Blackface Aged Rams - £140, £120 Percy Farms.

North Country Cheviot Shearlings - £160, £140 Tister.

North Country Cheviot Aged Rams - £220 Tister, £160 Priesthaugh.

Hill Cheviot Shearlings - £160 Gilmanscleugh.

Hill Cheviot Aged Rams - £350, £320, £300 Clerkhill.

Hill Cheviot Ram Lambs - £220 Laghead.

In the multi-breed section trade topped at £400, twice, for a Texel shearling from Messrs Douglas, Catslackburn purchased by Messrs Story, Crindledyke and for a Texel ram lamb from A.R. Bell & Son, Kirkton selling to G. & C.E. Edminson, Middle Farm. 

Principal prices:-

Texel Shearlings - £400 Catslackburn, £280 (x2) Auchengool Cottage, £280 Catslackburn and Sandilands, £270 Lamberton, £240 Auchengool Cottage, £200 Chesterhall Parks.

Suffolk Shearlings - £250 Catslackburn, £220 Thistleknowe, £200 Catslackburn, £180 Thistleknowe.

Beltex Shearlings - £210, £200 Upper Auchenlay, £200 Upper Senwick.

Charollais Shearlings - £180, £170 Upper Auchenlay, £160 Dorryfield, Upper Auchenlay, £150 Lanehead.

Bluefaced Leicester Shearlings - £280 North Deanhead, £200 Foulshiels, £180 North Deanhead, £160, £140 West Cocklaw, £140 Low Struthers.

Texel Ram Lambs - £400, £380, £360, £320 (x2), £300 (x2), £280 (x5) Kirkton, £260 Easterseat, £250 Kirkton, £240 Sandilands, £220 (x2) Little Galla, £220 Kirkton and Crumhaughhill.

Beltex Ram Lambs - £280 Burgh Head, £130 Peela Hill

Bluefaced Leicester Ram Lambs - £200 Burgh Head, £120 Whintingstown, £120 Belmount.

Charollais Ram Lambs - £170 Springfield, £160 (x2) Dorryfield, £160 Lanehead and Springfield.

Blue Texel Ram Lambs - £140, £120 Millside.