Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

Store Lambs

C & D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,242 store lambs at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 27th October, 2015.

Another big show attracted a lot more south byers, trade was animated with all classes meeting a very dear trade. Included in the sale was 700 outstanding continental lambs from Peter Smith, Cocklakes House, Troutbeck, Penrith. They all sold very well to a top of £63 for Beltex, £62 for Charollais and £61.50 for Texels.

Top overall was £65 for Texels from Arnmannoch, others to £64.50 from Cottage Farm.

Suffolks to £62 from Clarghyll and £60.50 Dunglass

Beltex to £64 Newton Cottage and Arnmannoch

Charollais to £58.50 Quarryfield

Lleyn £56 from Mallsgate Hall

Greyface to £60.50 Glenlea Farm, £58 Broadmea, £54.50 Greensburn and Sheepriggs

Swaledale to £36.50 from Clarghyll

Jacob to £41 From Old Chapel

Easycare to £44.50 from Burnside

Kendal Rough to £35.50 Churchview

Hebrideans to £45.50 from Meiklewhitriggs

Cast ewes to £56.50 from Sinderhope Shields, Hill types to £53 Brackley.

Cheviots (2258) had another wonderful trade with a top of £54 for hill types form Girnwood, £53 Granton, £52 Potholm. Hill Northies to £54 Priesthaugh.

Blackface (1815) sold to a much dearer trade, top of £58.50 from Horseholm, £52 Glenlea Farms and £50.50 Stell Green.

Breeding Sheep

C & D Auction Marts Ltd has forward their late October Breeding Sheep sale of all classes on Tuesday 27th October. 53 rams, 712 lowland sheep and 675 hill sheep were forward to a selective ring of buyers. Best quality in all classes maintained recent high rates although the lesser end hovered around killing price.

In the ram section the sale was topped at £380 twice, firstly for a Texel shearling ram from W N Douglas, Catslackburn selling to Mr Green, Highend and then again for a ram lamb from A R Bell & Son, Kirkton selling to Messrs Sanderson, Upper Senwick.



Suffolk: £200 Catslackburn

Texel: £380 Catslackburn, £240 West Farm, £220 Catslackburn, £190 Dinwoodie Green, £180 Low Struthers

Leicester: £150 Low Struthers

Charollais: £210, £170 Fowrass

Lleyn: £100 Riggheads

Ram lambs:

Texel : £380, £310, £290, £280, £260, £250 (x4) Kirkton

Blue Texel: £170, £160, £140 Millside

Charollais: £190 Springfield

Beltex: £140 Millside

Lowland breeding sheep sold to a top of £150 for Pure Texel shearlings from West Farm to P C Musgrave, Sowerby Wood. Ewes to £124 for 4 crop Pure Texels also from West Farm, selling to A R Towers, Felton. Ewe lambs sold to £90 for a pen of outstanding 7/8th Texels from A R Bell & Son, Kirkton also purchased by P C Musgrave, Sowerby Wood.



Texel: £124, £110, £98 West Farm, £87, £82 Harwood House, £80 Queenshaugh

Cross: £68 Archerbeck, £65 Moss Side


Texel: £150, £115 West Farm, £80 Cara View

Lleyn: £98, £86 The Height

Ewe lambs:

Suffolk: £67, £63 Tarrasfoot

Texel: £90 Kirkton, £74 High Parkfoot

Cross: £80 Laverhay

Hill ewes were a mixed batch and sold to a top of £71 for North Country Cheviots, five year old, from JR & SN Hislop, Windyhaugh, selling to A G & D Bisset, Middle Dukesfield. Gimmers to £60 for Blackface from IHG Warden, Skelfhill and ewe lambs to £56 from R J Anderson & Son, Pencrise.



Blackface: £60 Haithwaite, £51 Skelfhill

North Country Cheviot: £71, £63 Windyhaugh, £52, £51, £50 Easter Dawyck, £50 Windyhaugh

Easycare: £50 Haithwaite


Blackface: £60 Skelfhill

Ewe lambs:

Blackface: £56, £45, £43 Pencrise, £40 Kirkland

Swaledale: £40 Greenley Cleugh