Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 4,813 store lambs & feeding ewes at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 24th November, 2015.

A large company of southern buyers together with local feeders ensured all classes of store lambs met the dearest trade of the season, numbers well short or requirements.

Top of £66 for Texels from Edgerston Trading and Girnwood, £65 Southdene Lodge and Barnglieshead; Charollais £65 Westernburnhope; Suffolk £63.50 Edgerston Trading, £63 Burncroft, £61.50 Nether Barr; Beltex £62.50 Davidson Avenue, £60 Flatt; Greyface £61 Newbiggin, £59.50 Westernburnhope, £57 Gatehouse; Cheviot Mule £57 Kirkbride; Kendal Rough £56.50 Borrowbridge House; Lleyn £52 Low Tipalt; Swaledale £42.50 Nether Barr.

Cast ewes to £67 Davidson Avenue, hill types £60.50 Allensgreen, cast rams £79 East Redford Green.

Hill Cheviots (1,403) still dear, top of £58 Bush of Ewes, £56 Bloch, £54 Potholm. Hill Northies £59 North Synton and Alnham Castlehill, £57.50 East Murton, £55.50 Preston Mains.

Blackfaces (906) another strong demand, top of £56 Penpeugh, £50 Allensgreen.