Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 2,870 Store Hoggs & Cast Sheep, also 346 In Lamb ewes & Geld Hoggs at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 23rd February, 2016.

Store hoggs easily maintained last week’s high rates with buyers keen for supplies, more could easily have been sold. 

Top of £83 for Texels from Messrs Story, Crindledykes, Bardon Mill, others £80 High Stenries; Beltex £77 Millriggs, High Stenries and Smiddy Hill; Suffolk £74 Haas Grove, £71.50 Sunnycroft; North Country Cheviot £70.50 Preston Mains; Charollais £68.50 Coolingel; Cheviot Mule £67.50 North House; Hill Cheviot £67.50 North Shortcleugh, £66.50 Cowburn; Greyface £61 Ryehills, £60.50 Barron House; Blackface £60.50 Crindledyke, £58 Nunnerie, £57.50 Haliburton and Barron House; Zwartbles £60.50 Millfield Demesne; Swaledale £51.50 Brigg, £48.50 Keskadale Hill Farm.

Cast ewes £79 Girstingwood, cast rams £95 Hamburgh Hall.

Breeding sheep (346) were a larger show, more interest shown, as a result all classes met a lot stronger demand.  Top inlambers were Suffolk cross gimmers at £115 from Cleughbrae.  Ewes to £100 and £98 for Romney Marsh from Kirkland Farm.  In lamb hoggs to £96 for Greyface from Brewery House Barn.  Geld hoggs to £78 for Greyface from Kilncroft who also sold Cheviot Mule at £75; Texel £70 Crindledykes; Lleyn £70 Low Tipalt.