Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had another good show of 590 Ewes with Lambs at foot and 89 Store Hoggs and Feeding Ewes forward at Longtown on Tuesday 26th April 2016.

A poorer show of quality outfits were forward, with the bad weather and lack of grass growth, farmers were not too keen to be bidding for sheep, although a premium was definitely realised for outfits with stronger lambs.

A smaller show of 89 Store Hoggs were forward, all sheep, whatever shape or size sold to recent high rates. Sale topped at £70 for Texels from Croys Lodge.

Principle Prices:-

Hoggs and Lambs

Texel with singles - £68 Low Closegill, £67 Fergus Hill.

Shearlings and Lambs

Texel with singles - £66 Low Closegill, £57 Fergus Hill.

Texel with twins - £65 Westhills

Mule with twins - £60 Low Closegill.

Ewes and Lambs

Texel with Singles - £49, £47 Westhills, £49 Longrigg.

Texel with Twins - £55 Bayles, £48 Crindledykes.

Mules with Twins - £52 Reagill Grange, £51 Low Closegill, £50 Waterloo, £49 High House, £48, £47 Reagill Grange.

Charollais with Twins - £48 Reagill Grange.

Blackface with Twins - £33 Harsondale.

Store Hoggs

Swaledale to £45 Nether House.

Texel to £44 Croys Lodge, £43 Hawthornbank.

Herdwick to £41, £36 Main Street.

Beulah to £35 Howcleugh.

Tup Hoggs

Texels to £70 Croys Lodge.

Feeding Ewes

Texel to £72 Croys Lodge.

Cheviot to £40 Hawthornside.

Beulah to £39 Howcleugh.