Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward a quality show of 3093 store lambs at their Opening Sale at Longtown on Tuesday 2nd August 2016.

Another top quality show of lambs attracted a full ring of local and distant buyers. Trade was on par with last week’s high rates to average £60.01 overall. Many more could have been sold to vendor’s advantage.

Top of £78 for Texels from The Park (Potter), others to £74 Crindledykes, £70.50 Newland and £70 Whitstonehill. Beltex to £64 Pallet Hill. Suffolks to £68 Satchells and £67.50 Hullerbank. Cheviot Mule to £74.50 and £70.50 Hownam Grange. Hampshire to £59.50 Flatt (Atkinson). Cheviots to £60 Thorneyknowe.

A large entry of Greyface Mule lambs; the majority from Alston and Slaggyford area, met a strong demand although last week’s extreme rates were hardly maintained. Top of £70 for a single from Crindledykes, others to £58.50 Saunders Close, £58 Midtodhills, £56.50 Sourhope and Softley.