Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 8,051 store lambs at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 4th October 2016.

The largest show of the season, quality was not up to the usual standard, nevertheless plenty of buyers in attendance including Welsh and Shropshire buyers. Trade was very similar to the previous week’s high rates.

Top of £80 for Texels from Mr J G Johnson, East Foreshield, Alston, others to £73 Carrholme and £72 Park (Potter). Beltex to £75 from Potter, The Park. Suffolks to £60 Weeds Farm. Charollais to £60.50 Kirndean. Greyface to £65.50 Woodside, £63 Gibbs Hill, £62 Stell Green & Hole of Lyne, £60 Penpeugh. Hampshire to £55 Flatt (Atkinson). Swaledale to £50 Woodside.

Feeding ewes to £68 from Eden Grove.

Hill Cheviots (2,629) were a larger show with trade on par to last week, with not as many strong lambs on offer. Top of £58 from George Easton, Todrigg, others to £57 Easter Alemoor & Toftholm, and £56 from Glendinning and Wardlaw.

A better quality show of Blackfaces (1,503) met a strong demand with price very similar on the week. Top of £53.50 for a super pen from Closehead Farm, others to £51.50 from Allensgreen and £50 Lamperts.