Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report


C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 7,664 store lambs at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 18th October 2016.

It was the Annual October Show for Cheviot lambs (2,577), which was very ably judged by Mr Eddie Eastham, Longburghfauld, Burgh by Sands, Carlisle. Also today saw the Annual Show and Sale for Blackface lambs (2,282), kindly sponsored by The Blackface Sheep Breeders Association, which was professionally judged by Robert Wilson, Itonfield, Streethead, Ivegill, Carlisle.

A top quality show of both Cheviots and Blackface lambs attracted many more new customers, with trade being considerably dearer on the week.

Judges awards were as follows:

Hill Cheviots:

1st – Langholm Farms, Cooms, Langholm and sold at £55

2nd – Mrs L G Luescher, Glendinning, Westerkirk and sold at £55

3rd – Messrs Bridgewater & Wood, Potholm, Langholm and sold at £59.50

Hill North Cheviots:

1st – Messrs Anderson, Priesthaugh, Hawick and sold at £61.50

2nd – Kelsocleugh Farming, Yetholm and sold at £53

3rd – Messrs Ward, Whitstonehill, Tundergarth and sold at £62

Other prices out with the show was £60 Castle Crawford, £58 Windyhaugh and £57 Arkleton.


1st – Mr G O M Famelton, Horseholme, Gilsland and sold at £61.50

2nd – Messrs WS Robson & Co, Yatesfield, Otterburn and sold at £55

3rd – Wanwood Partners, Wanwood Hill, Alston and sold at £55

Other prices out with the show was £57.50 Wooplaw, £54 and £50 Upper Burnmouth.

All other breeds of lambs met strong competition from the usual large ring of buyers which included several from Wales and the south. Trade was on par with last week’s high rates.

Top of £70.50 for Texels from MH & J Shearing, The Hagg, Roweltown, others to £70 High Lovelady Shield & Lower Ashtrees.

Beltex to £68 Clerk Hill and £67 Old Police House.

Suffolks to £65 Tarrasfoot, £62.50 Broadmea & High House.

Charollais to £67 The Hagg.

Greyface to £65.50 Hepplehill, £63 Routin Lynn and £61 Laverhay.

Cheviot Mule to £60.50 Atkinson, Flatt.

Hampshire to £56 Harden.

Swaledale to £33 Hesleywell and £32 Ouston.

Cast ewes to £60 Coolingel and cast rams to £76 from Seafield.


C&D Auction Marts Limited held their Second Ram Sale of all classes, including the Annual Sale of Hill Rams on Tuesday 18th October, where a catalogue entry of 240 was forward.

All rams were in demand and met a fast selling trade especially for the best on offer. The sale topped at £680 for a Texel ram lamb from Messrs Bell, Kirkton, Hawick, and purchased by Mr M Reid, Grassmainston, Kelso.

The Annual Sale for Hill & North Country Cheviot and Horned Rams was topped at £420 for a Blackface shearling ram from A Carruthers & Sons, Peela Hill to Mr D Robinson, The Heugh, and followed at £380 for a North Country Cheviot shearling from Messrs Douglas, Whitehope, Yarrow to Borthwickshiels Farms.

Principal Hill Ram prices:-

Blackface Shearlings - £420, £250 Peela Hill, £220, £200 Townhead, Yarrow.

Blackface 2 Shear Rams - £170, £100 Emblehope & Burngrange Estate.

North Country Cheviot Shearlings - £380, £300 Whitehope, £280 Byers & Whitehope, £260 Dun-mor, £250 Dunshiel, £240 (x2) Dun-mor.

North Country Cheviot 2 Shear Rams - £300 (x2), £280 Gillesbie House, £280 Byers, £260 Netherbrotherstone & Gillesbie House, £250 Byers.

Hill Cheviot Shearlings - £350 Catslackburn.

Principal Continental Ram prices:-

Texel Ram Lambs - £680 Kirkton, £500 Townhead, £480, £450, £420 (x2), £400, £380 (x2), £350 Kirkton.

Suffolk Ram Lambs - £250, £220, £200 Burgh Head.

Beltex Ram Lambs - £220, £200 Burgh Head.

Charollais x Beltex Ram Lambs - £200, £180 Springfield.

Blue Texel Ram Lambs - £200 (x3) Millside.

Bluefaced Leicester x Texel Ram Lambs - £190, £180, £170, £150 Belmont.

Rouge x Texel Shearlings - £480, £450, £420 Grassmainston.

Texel Shearlings - £450 Duke Street & Catslackburn, £420 (x2), £400 (x2) Sandilands, £420 Duke Street, £400 Whitchesters.

Suffolk Shearlings - £280, £250 (x2) Catslackburn.

Charollais Shearlings - £280 Holme House, £250, £220 Leathorn.

Bluefaced Leicester Shearlings - £260, £250 Borthwick Brae.

Texel x Beltex Shearlings - £220 Holme House.

Suffolk x Texel Shearlings - £220 Holme House.

Bluefaced Leicester 2 Shear Rams - £350 Borthwick Brae.

Texel 2 Shear Rams - £280, £250 Netherbrotherstone.