Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 2,844 store lambs and feeding ewes at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 20th December 2016.

The last Tuesday sale of 2016 attracted a good entry, with last week’s extreme rates easily maintained. Top of £75 for a Beltex from Becton Hall Bar. Texels to £72 Beech Grove, £71 Wydon and £70 Ballaggan.

Suffolk crosses to £66 Falnash, £65 North House and £64.50 Wicketthorn. Cheviot Mules to £65 Upper Kidston and £62.50 Falnash. Charollais to £67.50 Shieldhill. Lleyns to £62 Heron Associates. Half-bred to £63.50 Earlside. Greyface to £63 Hollows Mill and £60 Carlenrigg. North Cheviots to £67 North Synton, £64 Earlside and £62.50 Routin Lynn. Hill Cheviots to £56 Cowburn and £54.50 Upper Kidston. Blackface to £58 Sewingshields and £55 Cowburn.

Feeding ewes to £61 from Routin Lynn, who also sold Hill types at £48.50.

Cast Rams to £65 Kelsocleugh.