Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report


C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 2,886 store hoggs & feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 7th March 2017.

A larger show of hoggs and with the usual buyers, all classes again met a strong demand with vendors leaving happy. Top of £81 for Beltex from Woodsland Farm (Clarkson). Texels to £68.50 Teinside and 2 Crowbyres Cottage, £68 Woodlands; Suffolks to £65.50 Eastfield of Wiston and £64 Routin Lynn; North Cheviots to £56 Routin Lynn and £55 Gilston; Hill Cheviots to £60 Girnwood; Greyface to £62 Wardrew, £61.50 Whitchester and £60 Gillalees; Cheviot Mules to £59.50 Routin Lynn; Blackface to £61 Redesmouth, £57 Little Larg and £54.50 Gillalees; Swaledale to £40 Low Stokoe & Brigg; Zwartble to £52 Wardrew.

Cast ewes to £75 Newlands. Hill types to £47.50 Twislehope. Cast rams to £55 Gillalees.


Another fine catalogued entry of 1,130 in lamb breeding sheep were forward at C&D Auction Marts Ltd, Longtown, on Tuesday 7th March 2017.

A smaller ring of buyers than previously but again with a full clearance rate achieved. The best quality lots and younger ages were keenly sought after and maintained recent high rates, whilst hill ewes worked away steadily without setting the heather on fire.

The sale topped at £120 for a pen of outstanding Texel x Beltex ewe hoggs in lamb to the Charolais x Beltex from W Tinning, Broomlea, followed at £112 for four crop Cheviot Mule ewes scanned twins from Messrs Brodie, Allfornaught. 



Cheviot Mule £112 Allfornaught.

Texel £104 Allfornaught, £102 Eastmains Farming Co., £100 Allfornaught, £88, £86, £85 Eastmains Farming Co.

Suffolk £100, £92 Eastmains Farming Co.

Mule £100, £91, £90 Eastmains Farming Co.

North Country Cheviot £90, £88, £87, £86, £85 Allfornaught.

Blackface £64, £60, £58 Kinnelhead.


Texel £94, £88 Eastmains Farming Co.

Cheviot £62 Eastmains Farming Co.


Beltex £120 Broomlea.

Texel £106, £100, £98 Eastmains Farming Co.

Mule £94 Dalebank.

Suffolk £86 Eastmains Farming Co.

Ewes with lambs at foot:

Texel £55 Dalebank.

Mule £47 Townfoot.

Shearlings with lambs at foot:

Suffolk £60 Eastmains Farming Co., £54 Burncroft.

Texel £50 Eastmains Farming Co.

Mule £48 Burncroft.