Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 3,164 store hoggs & feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 14th March 2017.

Another excellent entry of hoggs for the time of year attracted the usual buyers. Trade for all classes was very strong with last week’s high rates easily maintained.

Top of £76 for Beltex hoggs from High Greenhill and for Texels from Alnham, Castle Hill. Other Texels to £71 Borrance and £70 Douglas Hall and Upper Tofts; Suffolks to £70 Cara View; Charollais to £60 New Farm; Cheviot Mules to £58 Routin Lynn; Greyface to £64 and £63.50 Hillview, £61 Barron House and £60 Nether Albie; North Cheviots to £62.50 Ellary Estate and £62 Routin Lynn; Blackface to £65 Town Shields, £62.50 Wardrew and £62 North Middleton; Hill Cheviots to £55.50 Woodfoot Farm and £54.50 Milnholm & Douglas Hall; Swaledale to £57.50 Ellary Estate and £51 Oustan; Herdwicks to £45.50 Gall; Leicester to £71 and £67 Alnham, Castle Hill; Zwartbles to £53 Wardrew.

Feeding ewes to £100 Alnham, Castle Hill, who also sold hill types to £58 and cast rams to £102.

Ewes and lambs met a strong trade with Ryeland ewes and singles at £50 each and with twins to £46 each from Dowthwaite Head.