Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 1,560 ewes/hoggs and lambs at foot & 308 store hoggs and feeding ewes on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at Longtown.

The largest show of the season so far was forward. The sale was topped by the first hoggs and lambs of the year from East Mains Farming Co. who sold a pen full of Texel hoggs with Beltex lambs at foot to £75 a life, with another 2 pens closely following at £73. Many more older Mule ewes and hill ewes were forward today with these being £2-£3 less on the week with strong outfits again in great demand. Topping at £70 twice, firstly from regular consigner Michael Nicholson, The Lake for a pen of Texel x ewes with single lambs at foot, secondly from John Little, Eden Park for a great Suffolk x ewe with a single lamb.

Principle Prices

Ewes and lambs:

Texel with single to £70 The Lake, £69 Harper Hill, £66.50 Prospect House, £59 Flex & East Mains.

Suffolk with single to £70 Eden Park, £68 Fergus Hill, £64 Upper Hunderlee.

Texel with twins to £62, £61 Lanerton, £57.50 Prospect House, £57 East Mains, £56 Harper Hill.

Cross with single £61.50, £52 Eden Park, £61 Rowanburnfoot, £54, £53 Newbigging.

Suffolk with twins to £61 Eden Park, £59.50 Upper Hunderlee, £56 Fergus Hill.

Lleyn with twins to £55.50, £55, £53.50 Over Langshaw.

Cross with twins to £54.50 Low Closegill, £54 Prospect House, £53 Newlands & Eden Park, £52 Reagill Grange.

Cheviot Mule with twins to £54, £53 Reagill Grange.

North Country Cheviot with single to £50, £45 East Mains, £45 Gospel Hall.

North Country Cheviot with twins to £48 Gospel Hall.

Swaledale with single to £46, £44 Hazelgill, £30 Monk.

Dorset with twins to £45.50 East Mains.

Swaledale with twins to £44 Hazelgill, £30.50 Dowthwaite Head.

Jacob with single to £35 East Mains.

Herdwick to £33 Dowthwaite Head, £31 Monk.

Welsh with single to £33 Monk, £27 High House.

Welsh with twins to £32 High House.

Blackface with twins to £30.50 High House, £30, £25.50 Newbigging, £24 Monk.

Blackface with single to £24 High House.

Shearlings and lambs:

Beltex with single to £68 East Mains.

Texel with single to £61 Dinwoodie Green, £59 Newbigging.

Texel with twins to £58 Dinwoodie Green.

Hoggs and lambs:

Texel with single to £75, £73 East Mains.

Charollais with single to £64 East Mains.

Geld Mule ewe hoggs to £74, £70 Westside

Store Hoggs

Top Prices: £80 for Texels from Glentou, £72 Westside. Cheviots £64.50 Westside. Greyface £69 Westside. Swaledale £58.50 Westside.