Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

Another tremendous entry of 1,788 ewes and hoggs with lambs at foot were forward at C&D Auction Marts Limited, Longtown on Tuesday 9th May 2017, where another busy ringside of local and distant buyers ensured a buoyant trade throughout with vendors going home very satisfied.

Included today was the Annual Show and Sale for mule and continental hoggs with lambs at foot and was ably judged by Mr Richard Walton, Hardstone, Darlington. An outstanding entry of sheep were presented for judging with Mr Walton eventually making the following awards:

Prize List:

Mule hoggs with lambs:

1st – Messrs Ridsdale, Yew Tree - £98 to the judge Mr Richard Walton

2nd – Mr Kidd, Briggle Farm - £86 to Mr R Walton

3rd – Mr Kidd, Briggle Farm - £80 to Mr M Gillette

Continental hoggs with lambs:

1st – Messrs Nicholson, Cobble Hall Barn - £85 to Messrs Pearson, Wavercroft

2nd – Messrs Nicholson. Cobble Hall Barn - £76 to J F Latimer, Chapel House

3rd – M T Watson, Four o Boot - £98 to Messrs Tweddell, Haltcliffe Bridge.

Out with the show prize winners, a much stronger example of ewes and lambs were forward in comparison to last week ensuring all classes were much sharper on the week, especially for the better end, selling to a top of £71 for Suffolks with lambs from Messrs Bergius, Over Langshaw. 

Principle Prices

Ewes and lambs:

Suffolk with single to £71 Over Langhaw, £66, £62 Upper Hunderlee.

Texel with single to £71, £69 East Mains, £65 Shepherds Cottage, £59 Wydon Eals & Lanerton.

Texel with twins to £67 Newbigging, £61 Lanerton, £60 East Mains, £59 Wydon Eals.

Cross with single to £65 Bankswood, £61.50 Longrigg, £57 Shepherds Cottage, £55 Newbigging, £54.50 Pilmuir, Bankswood & Low Closegill, £54 Moss Side.

Lleyn with twins to £62 Over Langshaw.

Suffolk with twins to £60.50 Upper Hunderlee.

Cheviot Mules with twins to £58.50 Skelfhill.

Cross with twins to £55.50 High Chesters, £55 Shepherds Cottage.

Cheviot with single to £55 Shepherds Cottage

Lleyn with single to £54, £53.50, £51.50 Over Langshaw.

Cheviot Mules with singls to £53 Skelfhill.

Texel x with single to £50 Longrigg.

North Country Cheviot with twins to £45 Gospel Hall.

North Country Cheviot with single to £39 Gospel Hall.

Blackface with twins to £38, £34.50 Dunblane.

Swaledale with twins to £37 Chapel Farm (Fell)

Swaledale with single to £35 Chapel Farm (Fell)

Shearlings and lambs:

Texel with twins to £65 Townfoot, £63 Dinwoodie Green, £62.50 Pilmuir, £56 Dinwoodie Green, £56, £55

Hampshire with twins to £57 Newbigging.

Texel with single to £56.50 Townfoot.

Cross with twins to £55 East Mains.

Suffolk with single to £51 Longrigg, Newbigging.

Blackface with twins to £35 Lowes.

Blackface with single to £34.50 Lowes.

Hoggs and lambs:

Texel with twins to £98 Four o Boot, £90 Wallend, £89 Four o Boot, £85 Cobble Hall Barn, £79 Four o Boot,

Cross with twins to £98 Yew Tree Farm, £86 Briggle, £85 Yew Tree Farm, £80 Briggle.

Suffolk with twins to £77 (x2) Clydeside

Lleyn with twins to £60, £59 Over Langshaw.