Show & Sale of Pedigree Suffolk Sheep

C&D Auction Marts conducted their 2nd Annual Show & Sale of MV Accredited Pedigree Suffolk Rams, Ram lambs and Females on Monday 17th July 2017, where a much-increased catalogue entry of 106 head were forward.

A good ringside of buyers were forward but the good weather meant others had to miss. There was however a large contingent of oversea buyers from Spain (4), Belgium (3), Portugal and France.

Overall Champion - Ram Lamb sold for 1000 gns Solwaybank

The pre-sale show was kindly sponsored by WM. Armstrong, Longtown Ltd and C&D Rural, and with £1000 prize money up for grabs, the judging was placed in the hands of one of our Spanish purchasers Mr Ignacio Acebal Prieto, Llavandera, Gijon, who eventually awarded the overall championship to I&J Barbour, Solwaybank for their December born ram lamb by Lakeview Harbinger out of a Solwaybank Solario dam, which went onto realise 1,000gns and was purchased by the judge. The reserve overall champion went to a January born ram lamb from Mr Blair, Thornfleet, by Forkins Shalaa out of a dam by Muirton One Direction and realised 500gns selling to Stanley Estates, Liverpool.

However the sale was topped at 7,000gns for a substitute ram lamb from Messrs Fittons, Maestro flock from Bolton which stood 2nd in the December born class, by last years 13,000gns sale topper Solwaybank Braveheart, out of a Rhaeadr Roger Ram Jet dam, after some spirited bidding was eventually sold to Messr Poole, Salopian, Shrewsbury.

The female champion was also won by I&J Barbour, Solwaybank whose gimmer by Lakeview Harbinger out of a dam by Rhaeadr Rastafari went onto realise 2,000gns and again heads home to Spain with the judge Mr Acebal, who backed his decision for the 2nd time.

However it was the number one gimmer from the Solwaybank pen which went on to realise the top price for a female at 4,000gns, when this Lakeview Harbinger daughter out of a dam by Rhaeadr Rannoch met some fast bidding and was eventually knocked down to Messrs Fitton, Maestro, Bolton.

The reserve female champion was awarded to the ewe lamb from Messrs Delves, Bridgeview. This was again sired by Lakeview Harbinger and out of a dam by Solwaybank Goldfinger went onto realise 720gns selling to Messrs J Dufrane, Ville Sur Haine, Belgium.

top price 7000 gns
Lot 104 ram lamb (substitute) top price 7000 gns

Prize Winners

Gimmer Shearlings

1st - (Lot No. 26) Solwaybank - 2,000gns - Acebal, Gijon

2nd - (Lot No. 9) Bridgeview - 1,000gns – Barbour, Solwaybank

3rd - (lot No. 13) Bridgeview - 750gns - Frijters, Belgium

4th - (Lot No. 32) Oxmuir

5th - (Lot No. 23) Ryden - 600gns - Smithard, Meikleholm

Ewe Lambs

1st - Lot No. 40) Bridgeview - 720gns - Dufrane, Belgium

2nd - (Lot No. 48) Sullom - 350gns - Abraham, Cadiz, Esp

3rd - (Lot No. 38) Bridgeview - 550gns - Abraham, Cadiz, Esp

4th – (Lot No. 36) Thornfleet

5th – (Lot No. 35) Thornfleet

Shearling Rams

1st - (Lot No. 55) Salopian

2nd - (Lot No. 53) Islay

3rd - (Lot No. 57) Bramley Mill

4th - (Lot Np. 56) Bramley Mill

Ram Lambs (1st - 31st December)

1st - (Lot No. 94) Solwaybank - 1,000gns – Acebal, Gijon

2nd - (Lot No. 104) Maestro - 7,000gns – Poole, Salopian

3rd - (lot No. 79) Bridgeview - 380gns – Linton, Sornfallow

4th - (Lot No. 81) Bridgeview

5th - (Lot No. 70) Thornfleet - 500gns – Teasdale, Ling Cottage

Ram Lamb (1st January >)

1st - (Lot No. 71) Thornfleet - 650gns – Stanley Estates, Liverpool

2nd - (Lot No. 83) Lundazi - 400gns – Steele, Lesson Hall

3rd - (lot No. 62) Dovedale - 620gns – Barclay, Mid Brockloch

4th - (Lot No. 61) Dovedale

5th - (Lot No. 63) Ghyllside - 350gns – Kirby, Barstow Hall

Female Champion - Solwaybank (Lot No. 26)

Reserve Female Champion - Bridgeview (Lot No. 40)

Male Champion - Solwaybank (Lot No. 94)

Reserve Male Champion - Thornfleet (Lot No. 71)

Overall Champion - Solwaybank (Lot No. 94)

Reserve Overall Champion - Thornfleet (Lot No. 71)

Principle Prices

Ewes 1,000gns Solwaybank, 360gns Greatness.

Gimmers 4,000gns, 2,000gns Solwaybank, 1,000gn, 750gns Bridgeview, 600gn Ryden, 520gns, 450gns Bridgeview.

Ewe Lambs 720gns, 550gns Bridgeview, 350gns Sullom.

Ram Lambs 7,000gns Maestro, 1,000gns Solwaybank, 650gns Thornfleet, 620gns Dovedale, 500gns Thornfleet, 400gns Cliff & Maestro & Ryden & Lundazi & Salopian.

96 head were forward, with 76 sold averaging £589.

female champion
The female champion lot 26 sold for 2000 gns was from I&J Barbour, Solwaybank

top price female
Lot 25 top price female 4000 gns gimmer from Solwaybank

Judge Mr Ignacio Acebal Prieto, Llavandera, Gijon
Judge Mr Ignacio Acebal Prieto, Llavandera, Gijon

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  • Judge Mr Ignacio Acebal Prieto, Llavandera, Gijon
  • Lot 104 ram lamb substitute top price 7000 gns_
  • Lot 25 top price female 4000 gns gimmer from the Solwaybank pen_
  • Lot 40 Reserve Female Champion sold for 720 gns
  • Lot 71 Overall Reserve Champion ram lamb sold for 650 gns
  • Overall Champion - Ram Lamb sold for 1000 gns Solwaybank
  • The female champion lot 26 sold for 2000 gns from I&J Barbour Solwaybank

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