Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report


C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 3,654 store lambs of all classes at Longtown on Tuesday 15th August 2017.

Another good show of store lambs were forward with buyers more eager for sheep. Trade was sharper by £2/£3 on the week with numbers short of requirement. The sale topped at £78 for Beltex from Mr N Brown, Greenwell Meadows, Castle Carrock & £73 Edges Green. Texels to £77 & £76 Balwearie, £75.50 Low Old Shields & Kelsocleugh, £72.50 Smiddy Hill. Suffolk to £69.50 Priesthaugh, £66.50 Satchells. Cheviot Mules to £71.50 Priesthaugh. North Country Cheviot to £74.50 Humbleheugh. Blackface to £39 Merkland, £37.50 Low Old Shields. Feeding ewes to £50 Newton Farmhouse.

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This week saw the annually prize show of Greyface lambs, judging was placed in the capable hands of local expert Raymond Marston, Scaleby. An excellent show were put forward to judge, and credit must go to all vendors who showed Mules, with trade being excellent and everybody going home happy. The Rutter family cup for the Alston Moor Area was awarded to Len Foxcroft, Hightown, Low Row and sold to £70. 2nd prize went to P. Staley, Broadmea, Slaggyford and sold to £65.50. 1st prize scotch mules went to Messrs Walton, Penpeugh, Bardon Mill and sold to £71. 2nd prize went to Lowes Farming Co and sold to £55. 3rd prize went to Messrs Bradbury, Satchells, Lilliesleaf and sold to £66.50.

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C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 561 breeding sheep at the first early sale. A decent ring of buyers with the best quality stock easily sold with the rest maintaining a steady trade. Older ewes remained firm on the back of a strong cast trade.

Sale topped at £152 & £150 for Texels shearlings from Miss H Lawson, Eastmains Farming Co, Newbigging.

Ewes sold to £132 for Charollais from J Lamb, Whitslade and Texel from Eastmains.


Breeding Ewes

Texel to £132 East Mains Farming Co, £130 Whitslade, £126 Aldery Terrace, £122 & £110 & £105 East Mains Farming Co, £104 Dallowie, £100 Newbigging.

Charollais to £132 Whitslade.

Cross to £100 Dallowie.

Cheviot Mule to £98 Dallowie.

Suffolk to £95 East Mains Farming Co.


Texel to £152 & £150 East Mains Farming Co, £142 Whitslade, £138 & £136 & £132 East Mains Farming Co, £130 Newbigging.

Suffolk to £120 Whitslade.

Cross to £110 Newbigging.

Cheviot Mule to £110 Newbigging.

Cheviot £70 to Newbigging.

Ewe Lambs

Texel to £96 Roachburn.