Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 8,376 store lambs and feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 13th September 2017.

A large entry of store lambs attracted more buyers especially from the South. Trade in general was slightly firmer on the week. Top of £73 and £72.50 for Texel lambs from Mr J G Johnson, East Foreshield, Alston, others to £70 Overton Bush. Beltex to £68.50 Capelfoot. Lleyn to £62.50 Low Tipalt. Suffolks to £61 Achadunan. Charollais to £60 Pilmuir. Cheviot Mules to £58.50 and £58 Priesthaugh. Greyface to £58 Hepplehill, £57 Lawesknowe, Rotherhope and Hesleywell. Herdwicks to £50.50 The Dabbins. Shetlands to £50 Griesta. Swaledale to £35 East Stobbylea.

Included, was the show and sale of 2,965 Cheviots and 2,213 Blackface lambs which were very ably judged by Borders expert Norman Douglas, Catslackburn, Yarrow, who awards were as follows:

Hill Northies:

1st – Messrs Waugh, Effgill, Westerkirk and sold at £58.50

2nd – Messrs Bradbury, Satchells, Lilliesleaf and sold at £57

3rd – Sorbietrees Farms Ltd, Newcastleton and sold at £55

Hill Cheviots:

1st – Messrs Elliot, Hindhope, Jedburgh and sold at £58

2nd – Mr R H Paton, Castle Crawford, Thornhill and sold at £57

3rd – Messrs Douglas, Upper Hindhope, Jedburgh and sold at £54.50


1st – Messrs Bradbury, Halliburton, Lilliesleaf and sold at £50.50

2nd – Black Mountain Farms and sold at £45

3rd – Messrs Hanbury, Lamperts, Gilsland and sold at £51

In general, there was more buyers looking for lambs and with an outstanding show on offer, both Cheviot and Blackfaces met a stronger trade especially for the top end quality lambs.

Other prices out with the show sheep saw Hill Cheviots to £58 Windyhaugh, £57 Twislehope & Drycleughlea, £56.50 Glendinning and £55.50 Clenries, Hill Northies to £54.50 Commonside and Blackfaces to £49 Balmurrie, £48 RDS Forestry, £45.50 Emblehope & Embley.