Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report


The C&D Auction Marts Ltd had 7,337 store lambs and feeding ewes forward at Longtown on Tuesday 31st October 2017.

Another large entry and with a very strong contingent of buyers from Wales and further south, trade was the dearest of the season.

Top at £71 for Charollais from Howberry. Texels to £69 Sunnyside , £67 Broadmea, £66.50 Halldykes. Suffolks to £69 Moy Holding, £64.50 Borthwick Brae & Broadmea. Beltex to £66 Heithat, £64 Whitehill. Dutch Texel to £61 Greenside. Greyface to £66 Borrowbridge House, £64 Kildalloig & School Cottage, £63.50 New Farm. North Hill Cheviots to £63 Clerkhill, £61.50 Howman Grange, £60 Hopsrigg. Lleyns to £55 Dolphinston. Romney to £63.50 New Farm. Dartmoor to £55.50 Monk. Swaledale to £60.50 Laverhay.

Cheviot lambs (1,434) a smaller entry and dearer and short of requirements. Top at £55.50 Glenlee Park, £53 Lagalgarve, £52 Priesthaugh, £51.50 Granton, £51 Hermitage (Elliot).

Blackface lambs (1,397) the same as the Cheviots dearer on the week. Top at £60.50 Crookburn, £57.50 Horseholm, £55 Lamperts.

Feeding ewes and rams (515) a larger entry and very easy to sell. Top at £80 for rams from Greista Farm. Heavy ewes to £68 Strenaby and Hill types to £44 Ballaharry.


The C&D Auction Marts Ltd held it’s end of season sale of breeding sheep & rams at Longtown on Tuesday 31st October 2017. With a mixed show making a very mixed trade, only the best quality was easily sold.

Sale topped at £200 for a Texel x Beltex shearling ram from Messrs Trafford, Springfield. Females topped at £98 for mule shearlings from New Hall.

Principle Prices:-

Breeding Ewes

Suffolk £80 Nethertofts.

Texel £78 The Barrocks, £68 Nethertofts.

Cross £76 New Hall, £66, £56 Nethertofts.

North Country Cheviots £72 Greista.

Blackface £58, £50 New Hall.

Shetland £24, £20, £17 Greista.

Cheviot x Shetland £24, £20 Greista.


Cross £98 New Hall.

Blackface £58 New Hall.

Shearling Rams

Texel £155, £130 Yeldabrek.


Beltex £200 Springfield.

Charollais £145 Yeldabrek.

Suffolk £120 Yeldabrek.

North Country Cheviot £90 Yeldabrek.