Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The C&D Auction Marts Ltd had 7,533 store lambs, feeding ewes and breeding sheep forward at Longtown on Tuesday 14th November 2017.

A massive quality show of lambs attracted a large company of Devon, Shropshire and Welsh buyers. Trade was again slightly dearer for the best lambs, with smaller hill lambs still hard to sell. Top of £82 for Beltex from Mr J W Shearing Ltd, The Hagg, Roweltown. Texels to £77 West Farm, £75 Low Closegill, £74.50 Triermain. Suffolks to £67 Kinninghall and £64 Newton Cottage. Charollais to £69 Moss Side and £64 Yeldabrek. Greyface to £ 67 Blakehopeburnhaugh, £63 Yatesfield and £62 Holylee House. Cheviot Mules to £59 Yetholm Mains. North Cheviots to £66.50 Whitstonehill, £64.50 Yetholm Mains and £63 Kelsocleugh. Lleyns to £56.50 The Height (Dixon). Romney to £63 Kerrowchrink. Hill Cheviots to £57.50 Blakehopeburnhaugh, £53 Halterburnhead and £52 Whitstonehill. Blackface to £60 Mains (Goodfellow), £57.50 Prospect House, £55 Horseholme and 352 Stone House. Swaledale to £35 Brockstones.

Feeding ewes to £74 Ballacarnane. Hill ewes to £47 Dunshiel.

Breeding sheep (403) met a ready market with a top of £150 twice for Suffolk shearling rams from Red Catt Farm. Tup lambs to £85 for a Blackface from Prospect House. Blackface ewes to £48 from Miefield. Greyface ewe lambs to £67 Southdene and £61 Blakehopeburnhaugh, with Hill Cheviots to £45.50 from Sorbie.