Longtown Store Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had 4,659 store lambs and feeding ewes forward at Longtown on Tuesday 12th December 2017.

A marvelous show of lambs for the time of year, with last week’s high rates easily maintained.

Top of £86 and £77 for Beltex from Downam Farm, Ballantrae. Texels to £79 Sweetbit, £78 High Lovelady Shield, £77 Greenwell Meadows & Downam Farm. Suffolks to £74 Pallet Hill, £71 Satchells and £70.50 Routin Lynn. North Cheviots to £70 Ericstane, £66.50 Bankhead and £64 Earlside. Charollais to £68 Hazelbank. Greyface to £65 High Lovelady Shield, £61.50 Gill Head, Greyside & Sweetbit. Cheviot Mules to £56.50 Mains of Machermore. Hill Cheviots to £57.50 Shepherds Cottage, £56 Myerslaw Green and £55 Elm Bank. Blackface to £58 Wanwood & Greyside, £52 Alnham and £50 Town Shield. Swaledale to £52.50 School Cottage.

Feeding ewes to £62 Fernoch with cast rams to £58 Hazelbank.