Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had 6,158 store hoggs, cast ewes and rams at their annual sale at Longtown on Tuesday 9th January 2018.

Distant buyers were out in force, together with locals for a large entry of hoggs, all breeds met a fantastic trade with prices the dearest of the season, many more could have easily been sold to vendors advantage.

Top of £90 for Beltex’s from Kiln Hill and £83 Halldykes. Texels to £84 Low Stanley, £80 Ericstanes and £79.50 Fauld O Wheat. Suffolks to £85 Somerville, £79.50 Shawhill and £72 Cross Hill. North Country Cheviots to £73 Effgill. Charollais to £71.50 Flatt (Atkinson) and £71 Pallet Hill. Greyfaces to £75 Banks Head and £74 Backburn. Cheviot Mule to £60.50 Marwhirn and £60 Kirkbride. Blackfaces to £53 Bettyknowes & Little Tongue. Hill Cheviots to £63 & £61.50 Clerkhill and £61.50 Bankend. Kendal Roughs to £45 Borrowbridge House. Herdwicks to £31 North House.

Cast ewes and rams a similar entry on the year, sold well to a full ring of buyers.

Top of £100 for a Texel ewe from The Dykes. Suffolks to £80 Dykes. Leicester to £70 Hole of Lyne. Greyfaces to £70 Low Stanley and £66 The Dykes. Swaledales to £42 Low Stanley. Blackfaces to £40 Hill View. Cheviots to £35 Birney Knowe.

Cast rams sold to £85 for a Texel from Hamburn Hall. Leicester to £84 Sorbietrees. Cheviots to £74 High Thorneyburn and £68 Effgill. Suffolks to £68 Branxholm Braes. Beltex to £67 Dickstree. Blackface to £60 High Thorneyburn. Lleyns to £66 Dolphinston.