Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had 3,036 store hoggs, cast ewes and rams at their second sale at Longtown on Tuesday 16th January 2018.

Although the wintery weather affected numbers, a good show was still forward, with a massive ring of distant buyers present. Trade very dear for all classes.

Top of £80 for a pen of forty Beltex from Crookston Farms, others to £78 Greenwell Meadows and £77 Partridge Nest. Suffolks to £79.50 and £75.50 Satchells, £77 and £73.50 Tarrasfoot. Texels to £78 Marchbank, £77.50 Tarrasfoot and £77 Braehead. Greyface to £69 Dirrops, £68 Hamburn Hall and £63 North Gillbank. Leicester to £70 Marr. North Cheviots to £66.50 and £62 Carruthers. Cheviot Mules to £60.50 Branxholm Braes. Hill Cheviots to £58.50 Bank End and £54.50 Twislehope. Blackface to £60 Sewing Shields. Swaledale to £39 Lilswood Cottage.

Cast ewes and rams, 205 forward, with heavy Leicester ewes to £79 from Kersknowe. Texels to £67 Marchbank, Greyface to £58 Stewards House and Lleyns to £50 Williamwood. Cast rams to £71.50 for Texels from Hawthornside and £69 Well Hill. Cheviots to £67 Girnwood and £65 Terrona.