Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 3,709 store hoggs & feeding ewes and rams together with 1,301 in lamb breeding sheep at Longtown on Tuesday 27th February 2018.

A large entry of store hoggs were not the quality of the last few weeks, although the usual buyers present from a wide area. Taking the quality into consideration, hoggs would be by far the dearest of the season. Good Beltex and Texel hoggs sold at a ransom with a top of £103 twice for Texels from Burnside (Watret), others to £95 Ballochgair. Beltex to £100 from Pinclanty, £97, £90 Castlehill and £94 Walton Woodhead. Suffolks to £86 Dallowie and £81 Port O Spittal. Charollais to £88 Woodfoot and £79 Saddell Home Farm. Greyface to £79 Croft Road & Low Stokoe, £77 Riggshields and £71 Mains of Duchrae. North Cheviots to £81.50 and £79 (x2) Kilfinnan. Cheviot Mules to £75.50 Westerhouses. Dorsets to £84.50 Rigghead. Blackface to £61 Low Tirfergus, £60 Burnside, £59 Balker Farms. Hill Cheviots to £79 Wicketthorn, £78 Westerhouses and £76 Granton. Jacob to £67 Woodfoot. Leicesters to £76 Pinclanty. Kendal Roughs to £45.50 Gill Head. Woodland to £64 Riggshield. Swaledale to £49 Low Stokoe and £46.50 Gill Head.

Feeding ewes to £89 Oliver Park and £72 Bogside. Cast rams to £70 Low Stokoe.

At their Annual Special Sale of In Lamb sheep there was forward an entry of 1,301 covering most breeds. A very large company of buyers were present, bidding was competitive throughout with all sheep easily sold and a total clearance effected. Top of £135 and £130 (x2) Garrochtrie and £126 Clonrae. Texels to £114 Allfornaught and £110 Dallowie. Ewes to £122 for Texels from Moaney Moar Farm and £110 Douglas Hall. Suffolk crosses to £120 Moaney Moar. Greyface to £115 Clonrae, £111 and £108 Moaney Moar. Hill Cheviots to £90, £88 and £85 Allfornaught. Easycare to £75 Synton Mains. Blackface to £66 Clonrae, £57 Park Fergus and £55 Wardrew.

Ewe lambs to £98 and £96 for Texels from Kilmichael and £90 Lochwood Mains. Leicester to £82 West Hills. Greyface to £88 Kilmichael, Charollais to £80 Lochwood Mains. Cheviots to £60 Sorbietrees.