Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 1,570 store hoggs & feeding ewes and also 308 in lamb ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 6th March 2018.

A nice show considering the recent bad weather and with all buyer’s keen to purchase, trade was easiest the best of the season and many more could be sold to vendors advantage. Top of £114 and £113 from Mid Banks, Bankshill others to £110 Hallsoven.

Beltex to £111 from High Hall others to £106 High Greenhill. Suffolk to £86 Eskdaill Street and £83 Dallowie. Greyface to £95 High Hall and £81.50 Geltsdale. North Cheviots to £78 Ballacowin. Hill Cheviots to £71.50 Ballaglass and £67 Murtholm. Blackface to £62 Gillalees and Dunjop. Swaledale to £55 Longrigg. Easycare to £61 Coolingel. Feeding ewes to £56 Glenapp Estate and cast rams to £97 and £96 Glenapp Estate.

In lamb ewes were a good entry and met a firmer enquiry with all breeds very easy to sell. Top of £132 for Charollais gimmers from Hillview, who also sold the top price Texel ewes at £132. Greyface to £100 Glenapp Estate and Blackface to £60 East Kirkcarswell. Greyface ewe hoggs to £85 Hillview.