Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 2,194 store hoggs and feeding ewes plus in lamb ewes and geld hoggs at Longtown on Tuesday 20th March 2018.

A quality show again met a vert strong trade with all hoggs selling to vendors advantage and short of requirements.

Top of £100 for Suffolks from Routin Lynn with other Suffolks to £87 Satchells, Elmbank, Archerbeck, Swaites and Routin Lynn. Texels to £97 Eden Grove, £93 Routin Lynn & Lammonbie Mill. Beltex to £99 Fallowlees. Charollais to £89 Downan. Greyface to £80 Archerbeck. North Cheviots to £93 Archbank and £92.50 Kilfinnan. Cheviot Mules to £90 Routin Lynn. Hill Cheviots to £81 Satchells. Blackface to £88 Lamperts. Kerry Hill to £93 Eden Grove. Swaledale to £47.50 Wham Head. Leicester to £89 Eden Grove and £85 Stanley Road. Kendal Rough to £50 Gill Head. Shetlands to £49 Kilfinnan. Easycare to £56 Glenapp Estate. Romney to £63 Glenapp Estate.

Cast ewes to £87 Shaw Cottage and hill types to £66 Archbank. Cast rams to £101 Satchells and £100 Waterhead of Dryffe.

Breeding sheep were a small show but sold well with Hill North Cheviots to £74 Gillesbie Farms. Texel ewe hoggs to £100 from Edgehill Road. Greyface ewe hoggs to £89 Edgehill Road and £88 Tecket. North Cheviot ewe hoggs to £97, £88 and £85 Kilfinnan. Hill Cheviot ewe hoggs to £81 Satchells.