Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 1,710 store hoggs and feeding ewes together with 232 in lamb ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 27th March 2018.

Another good show easily met the highest rates of the season with all the usual buyers operating, the sale averaged £69.75 overall. Top of £117 for Texels from Halfway House, others to £100 from Whitchesters and £98 Raggetsyke. Beltex to £109 Floors Farming and £100 West Micklethwaite. Suffolks to £98 Riddings Hill and £94 Crosscleugh. Charollais to £85 and £81 Moss Side. Hill Cheviots to £96 Crosscleugh and £92 Twislehope. Greyface to £88 Risehead, £83 Burnhouse and £81 Coatlith Hill. Cheviot Mules to £80.50 Floors Farming and Whitfield. North Cheviots to £88 and £80 Cara View. Hampshires to £74 Cassington. Blackface to £90 Lawesknowe and £80 Sewing Shields. Herdwick to £66 Farlam Hill.

Feeding ewes to £119 for Texels from Halfway House. Hill ewes to £60 for Blackface from Sewing Shields. Cast rams to £76 Eastfield of Wiston.

A great consignment of Texel x in lamb ewes and gimmers from Lynwill Ltd, Isle of Man were a quality lot. Buyers were keen to buy with all sheep easily sold. Gimmers sold to £146, £145, £138 and £135, with ewes at £139, £136 and £134.