Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 1,090 store hoggs and feeding ewes together with 482 ewes and lambs at Longtown on Tuesday 24th April 2018.

A large show of store hoggs, usual buyers, trade remained very strong. Top of £116 and £105 for Beltex hoggs from Craigshield. Texels to £101 Brewery House. Cluns to £92 and £82 Craigshield. Suffolks to £77 Cooilingel and Drumhela Farm. North Cheviots to £82 North House. Greyface to £85 Drumhela Farm. Hill Cheviots to £59.50 Patties Hill and £59 Ballacharney. Leicester to £65 Cooilingel. Blackface to £69 Dunblane. Swaledale to £50.50 Cooilingel. Feeding ewes to £86 and £84 Downan. Cast rams to £97 Craigshield and £90 Downan.

Another large entry of 482 ewes and lambs at foot, which met an increased ringside of buyers all eager for sheep, with demand being especially dear for ewes and strong lambs. The sale topped at £95 a life on three occasions, firstly for a correct below Texel x ewe with single Texel lamb from Brian & Sandra Johnstone, Nelson Hill and twice from Messrs Ramsay, Dockray Hall for Texel x hoggs and lambs, who also sold others at £90 and £86 a life. Included in the sale was a consignment of 52 Scotch Mule shearlings with Texel lambs, which sold at £76, £73, £72 and £68, with the entry averaging £72.49 for 140 lives.

Principal prices:

Texel ewes with singles to £95 Nelson Hill, £68 Longrigg, £63, £62, £61 Crosshill, £61 Dufton Wood.

Suffolk ewes with singles to £84, £74 Gospel Hall, £63 High Acres, £61 Longrigg, £53 Newbigging.

Mule ewes with twins to £81 Nelson Hill, £56 Kinninghall, £55 Low Closegill & High Acres, £54.50 Dufton Wood.

Texel ewes with twins to £74, £69 Middle Farm.

Suffolk ewes with twins to £64 Kinninghall, £55 Longrigg.

Mule ewes with singles to £62, £59 Longrigg.

Cheviot Mule ewes with twins to £59 High Acres.

Lleyn ewes with twins to £57 Longrigg.

North Country Cheviot ewes with singles to £50 Gospel Hall.

North Country Cheviot ewes with twins to £50, £48 Gospel Hall.

Mule shearlings with singles to £76 Springfield Farm Court.

Texel shearlings with twins to £74 Dockray Hall, £70, £65 Low Closegill.

Mule shearlings with twins to £73, £72 (x2) Springfield Farm Court.

Kerry Hill shearling with singles to £65 Springfield Farm Court.

Texel hoggs with singles to £95 (x2), £90, £86 Dockray Hall.