Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 294 store hoggs and feeding ewes together with 944 ewes and lambs at Longtown on Tuesday 1st May 2018.

The usual buyers for a nice show of hoggs for the time of year. All classes remained dear. Top of £132 for Suffolk crosses from Shawhill. Texels to £110 and £103 Glenlea, £98 Gofton Field Head, £91 Ravenwood Cottage. Greyface to £101 Glenlea and £92 Ravenwood Cottage. Cheviot Mules to £86 Glenlea. Cheviots to £80 Whitchesters. Blackface to £83 and £76 Whitchesters. Swaledale to £72 Whitchesters.

Feeding ewes to £78 Glenlea, who also sold cast rams at £95.

A large entry of 944 ewes, shearlings and hoggs with lambs at foot were forward to the ever increasing ringside of purchasers all eager for sheep, especially outfits with strong lambs at foot. Included in the sale was a grand consignment of 62 Pure Texel ewes and lambs from Billy Bell, Kinninghall, which sold to a top of £158 per life for two Texel two-crop ewes with single tup lambs, followed by a four-crop ewe with a Beltex x tup lamb for £150, this consignment averaged £90.87.

Messrs Renwick, Howford Farm had forward a consignment of 126 Scotch Mule aged ewes with strong Suffolk lambs at foot which sold at £74.50 and £73 (x2), with his consignment averaging £73.49.

Many more outfits like these can be sold every week, please advise entries as soon as possible.

Principal prices:

Texel ewes with singles to £158, £150, £90, £78 Kinninghall, £78 High House.

Texel ewes with twins to £86, £84 Kinninghall, £81 Newbigging, £73 Flatts of Cargen.

Mule ewes with twins to £74.50, £73 Howford, £61 Marshes Gill.

Cheviot Mule ewes with singles to £68 High Dovecote.

Cheviot Mule ewes with twins to £66 High Dovecote.

Mule ewes with singles to £65 Orthwaite Hall, £57 South Thornberry, £54 Orthwaite Hall.

North Country Cheviot ewes with singles to £60 Gospel Hall.

Suffolk ewes with singles to £56 South Thornberry.

Cheviot ewes with singles to £55 Longrigg & High House.

North Country Cheviot ewes with twins to £55 Gospel Hall.

Herdwick ewes with singles to £41 Rowanburnfoot.

Texel shearlings with twins to £90 Kinninghall, £78 Campingholm.

Texel shearlings with singles to £88 High House & Kinninghall, £80 Low Closegill, £78 Newbigging, £77 Campingholm, £76 Newbigging.

Mule shearlings with twins to £72 Springfield Farm Court.

Mule shearlings with singles to £72 Penpeugh.

Herdwick x shearlings with twins to £47, £43 Frankstown.

Texel hoggs with singles to £86, £78 Dockray Hall.

Mule hoggs with singles to £71 Penpeugh.

Texel hoggs with twins to £62 Dockray Hall.