Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 811 ewes and lambs at Longtown on Tuesday 29th May 2018.

Following a grand spell of good weather and the bank holiday weekend, a smaller show was forward to another busy ring of buyers, which saw ewes and lambs continuing to sell at recent high rates especially ewes with stronger lambs. More of these outfits are required as men still look to purchase.

Principal prices:

Texel ewes with twins to £94, £80, £79, £78 Prospect House, £79 Pilmuir.

Blue du Maine ewes with twins to £82 Glebelands.

Texel ewes with singles to £81 Glebelands, £80 Smiddyhill & Stanley Road.

Suffolk ewes with singles to £76 Longrigg, £72, £61 Brewery House Barn.

North Country Cheviot ewes with singles to £73 Smiddyhill.

Mule ewes with twins to £64 Moss Side & Stanley Road, £61 Pilmuir & Smiddyhill, £60 Moss Side. 

Cheviot Mule ewes with twins to £63 Pilmuir.

Charollais ewes with twins to £61 Harley Rigg.

Continental ewes with twins to £59 Brewery House Barn, £56 High House. 

Cheviot ewes with twins to £59 High House, £48 Drycleuchlea, £41 Longrigg.

Cheviot ewes with singles to £54, £53 Girnwood, £52 Smiddy Hill, £50 Drycleuchlea, £49 Longrigg, £46, £45 Girnwood.

Blackface ewes with singles to £48 Crosshill.

Mule shearlings with twins to £70 Stanley Road.

Texel hoggs with singles to £86 Seat Hill, £72 Eastfield of Wiston.

Mule hoggs with singles to £70 Prospect Farm.