Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 4,801 store lambs at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 21st August 2018.

The sale included a prize show & sale of Greyface Mule wether lambs where there was 2,047 forward.

A top-quality show of well bred and fleshed lambs were on offer, great credit must be given to vendors. Trade was buoyant with most lambs selling between £50 and £60. To a top of £65 from Messrs Bradbury, Satchells, Lilliesleaf, others to £63.50 Bayldon and £60 Broadmea.

Judging was in the capable hands of stocksman Jim Ions of Hexham, whose awards were as follows:

1st Messers TJ Hall & Son, Horsley Hill, Hawick and sold at £59.50.

2nd Messers PL & J Dawson, School Cottage, Kentmere and sold at £59.

3rd Messrs BW & GE Tailford, Beacon Rigg, Langley on Tyne and sold at £56.

All prize pens were sold to a Shropshire buyer.

Outwith the show, another large entry of stores attracted a large company of both local and distant buyers. Trade was sharper throughout with last week’s high rates being easily maintained.

Top £88 for Beltex from EJ Watson, Binks, Teviothead. Texel to £85 Rinnion Hills & Shepherds Cottage, £81.50 Pilmuir, £81 East Foreshield, £80 Edges Green; Suffolks to £76 Felton Demense, £72 Twislehope, £71 Bankshead, £70.50 Dunshiels; Cheviot Mules to £74.50 Satchells; Cheviots to £82 & £81.50 Twislehope; Charollais £59.50 Edgerston; Feeding ewes to £92 & £90 Felton Demense; Rams to £50 Ettrick House.

A small show of breeding sheep were forward sold to a selective trade, with second quality sheep harder to cash. Sale topped at £118 for 3 Shear Texel ewes from Aldery Terrace, Canonbie and with Suffolks to £106 for 3 crop ewes from Fell House, Penrith.