Longtown Store Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 3,281 store lambs & feeding ewes at their weekly sale at Longtown on Wednesday 29th August 2018.

There were more distant buyers present and a quality show on offer with trade dearer on the week. Top of £86 for Beltex lambs from Greenwell Meadows, £84 Longlea and £80 Jollybody Farm. Texels to £79.50 Solwaybank Cottage, £77 Winterhope & Longlea and £76 Collin Bank. Suffolks to £79.50 Raggithwaite and £73, £72 Satchells. Cheviot Mules to £69 Pilmuir. Charollais to £70 Monk Farm. Greyface to £70 and £67 Cowden. North Cheviots to £62 Lynnshield. Romneys to £60 Hazelbank. Hill Cheviots to £52 High Thorneyburn.

Feeding ewes sold to a top of £80 for Texels from Felton Demesne who also sold Greyface ewes at £72. Hill ewes to £48 for Cheviots from Twislehope.