Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 6,054 store lambs & feeding ewes at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 25th September 2018.

A much better quality show of lambs, attracted a lot more distant buyer interest. Trade started sharper from the start and continued through out the sale with prices up £2 to £3 on the week. Top £77 for Texels from Longformacus Farms & Pilmuir. Others to £75 Crindledykes, £72 Cumstone. Beltex to £75.50 Lingeyfield, £75 Pallet Hill & Winterhope; Suffolks to £70.50 Satchells; Charollais to £73 Pilmuir; Greyfaces to £70 Crindledykes, £62 Gibbs Hill, £61.50 Wanwood Hill & Low Old Shield; North Cheviots to £65.50 East Murton; Hampshire to £58 Dyke; Zwartbles to £59 Hazelbank; Swaledales to £27 Ouston. Feeding ewes to £57 Hazelbank.

Hill Cheviots (1,569) a good quality entry met a flying trade with numbers short of requirement, prices up £2 to £3 on the week. Top £57 from Glendinning & Upper Hindhope, £56.50 Toftholm, £55.50 Carlenrigg, £54.50 Easter Alemoor.

The special show and sale of 1,743 Blackface lambs, saw a tremendous quality entry and with a packed ring of buyers present, trade was much dearer than expected with many annual consignments up in price on the year. Judging was ably carried out by Andrew Reid, Glendearg, Eskdalemuir, who gave as his championship to an outstanding pen from Messrs Robson, Townshields, Haydon Bridge which sold at £58 to a Shropshire buyer.

2nd – Mrs L. Luescher, Sundhope, Newcastleton and sold at £53.

3rd – Neil D. Manning, Earlshaugh, Tweedshaw and sold at £54.50.

Other prices £58 Lamperts, £57 Haliburton, £56.50 Allensgreen.