Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 6,189 store lambs & feeding ewes at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 2nd October 2018.

A large entry of Store lambs attracted a full ringside of buyers. Trade just as dear with all classes meeting strong demand. Top of £80 for Beltex lambs from Chapel House, £74 Lingey Field and £72 Comlongun Mains. Texels to £79 and £74 Chapel House, £70 Gill Head, Prospect House and Baggarah. Suffolks to £73 Nether House. Greyface to £66 Cowden, £61 Nether House and £59 Sunnycroft & Church View. Cheviot Mules to £63 Keppochan. Charolais to £67 Church View. North Cheviots to £58 East Murton. Lleyns to £65 and £61 Sharplaw, £60 Height. Roussin to £58 Dyke. Swaledales to £38 Oustan. Feeding ewes to £44 Keppochan Farm.

Hill lambs totaled 2,304 viz – 1,397 Cheviots and 907 Blackface. Buyers came strong for good lambs with both lots slightly dearer on the week. Hill Cheviots to £59 Parkhill, £58.50 Glendinning & Toftholm, £58 Murtholm. Blackface to £55 Cowden, £50 The Bungalow and Prospect House. 

Also, today was the second sale of ewe lambs along with breeding sheep of all classes. A small show of all classes was forward with good quality lambs were well bid for, to a top of £100 for Dutch Texel x lambs from Messrs Graham, Miller Hill.

Ewe lambs:

Dutch Texel - £100, £90 Miller Hill

Mule - £94, £92 The Stobbs, £90 Kirk House

Cheviot Mule - £90 Parkend

Texel - £86, £82 The Ash, £80 Miller Hill

The highlight of the sale was the dispersal of Pure Texel ewes, shearling and ewe lambs for Alistair Bell, Kirkton, Hawick, who’s sheep were presented in full bloom and were an absolute credit to the man who has a reputation of producing quality tups at this centre. Many well travelled buyers present with many going home empty handed. The sale topped at £800 for the first sheep in the ring, a tremendous shearling which sold to noted Borders breeder, Mick Gamble, Sharplaw, followed closely at £620 for a pen of four shearlings. Ewes sold to £550 for a pen of three with ewe lambs to a top of £340 twice for pens of four. 

Other shearlings and ewes sold well for a poorer show and selling to a top of £155 for Millenium Blue shearlings from N Holliday, Brow Top, Sebergham.


Millenium Blue - £155 Brow Top

Texel - £115, £110 The Barrocks, £108 Hazelgill

Cheviot Mule - £112 Easter House

Suffolk - £94 Hazelgill

Mule - £90 The Barrocks

Lleyn - £83, £82 The Height


Texel - £88, £84, £82 Hazelgill

Millenium Blue - £80 Brow Top.

Lleyn - £75, £73, £72, £71 Harwood House

Mule - £70 Hazelgill