Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 7,219 store lambs & feeding ewes at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday 9th October 2018.

A larger show and more buyers present saw all classes firmer on the week. Top of £82 and £72.50 for Beltex lambs from Messrs Milburn, Wallend. Texels to £75 Park and £71 High Lovelady Shield. Suffolks to £70, £66 West Link Hall, £65 Tarrasfoot & The Row (Parsons). Charollais to £69 Espland and £64 The Flatt. Greyface to £63 Nether House, £60.50 School Cottage and £59.50 Chirdon. Cheviot Mules to £59.50 Gillesbie Farms. Lleyns to £62 Low Tipalt. Swaledales to £47 Low Old Shield. Herdwicks to £48.50 Monk Farm. Easycares to £48.50 Orchard House.

Feeding ewes (390) also were forward in larger numbers with trade good for all classes. Top of £90 for Texels from Strenaby Farm. Hill ewes to £49 Heathfield.

A super show of 2,094 Cheviots attracted a massive ring of customers. Trade again on the upward trend. Top of £64, £61 and £60 for Northies from Hownam Grange, others to £62 Clerkhill. Hill Cheviots to £61 Twislehope, £60 Cossar Hill, £58 Granton, £56 Potholm & Glendinning.

739 Blackface lambs were a better quality show and met a fast selling trade, with numbers short of requirements. Top of £60.50 Sewing Shields, £56 Emblehope, £55.50 Bowan Hill, £54 Harden and £53.50 Sundhope.