Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward an entry of 5,218 store lambs and feeding ewes at their sale at Longtown on Tuesday 13th November 2018.

A mixed show for quality, again attracted plenty of distant buyers, trade easily upheld last weeks extreme rates with numbers forward short of buyer’s requirements.

Top £77 for a Beltex from Stanley Road (Renwick) and Texels from Lower Ashtrees and Southglen Lodge, other Texels to £76 Upper Tofts, £75 Beckstones and High Lovelady Shield; Suffolks to £74 & £71.50 Tarrasfoot, £72 Port O Spittal; Cheviot Mules to £72 Dormansteads; Charollais to £70 Quarryfield, £71.50 Priesthaugh; Greyfaces to £66.50 School Cottage & Hill Brae; £66.50 Edges Green & Hightown; Swaledale to £53 School Cottage; Herwicks to £51 Sherwens Terrace; Zwartbles to £57 Craigruie.

Feeding ewes (275) a good trade. Top £75 for Texels from Port O Spittal. Hill ewes to £51 for Cheviots from Carlenrigg.

The 1,112 Cheviot and 903 Blackface lambs met a very strong enquiry and were easily the best trade of the season. Top £70.50 for hill Cheviots from Drycleuchlea, £65 Twislehope & Cossar Hill, £61 East Redford Green. Hill Northies to £67 Bank Head (Hewitt), £65 Routin Lynn, £63.50 Gospel Hall. Blackfaces to £59.50 Bowan Hill, £57 & £56 Edgesgreen.

At the special November sale of Breeding sheep, there was a good entry of 702 for the time of year, and with a good crowd of buyers present a very good trade prevailed. Included were the final dispersal entry from Harwood House, all one crop Lleyn x Texel ewes selling to a top of £89, £88, £87, to an average of £82.73. Hill Cheviots to £50 Moorside. Ewe lambs sold to £66 for Greyfaces (Mules) from Beamwham, others to £59 Kilncroft, £58 Baggarah. Hill Cheviots to £61 East Redford Green, £56 Moorside, £55 Drycleuchlea. Rams sold to £320 for Texel x Beltex shearling from Middle Farm, Blue Faced Leciester shearling to £140 North Deanhead, Suffolk shearling to £140 Somerville, Rouge tup lamb to £120 Crawford Hall.