Longtown Annual Sale of Cast Rams & Ewes and Store Hoggs

C&D Auction Marts Ltd held their Annual Sale of Cast Rams & Ewes and Store Hoggs at Longtown on Tuesday 8th January 2019 where there was an entry of 6,076.

An exceptional show for quality of Store Hoggs and with an extra-large company of buyers from a very wide area, trade was very sharp throughout the sale, with the highest prices ever recorded at this sale.
Beltex’s and Texel’s generally sold between £80 and £90 but to a top of £100 from Cross Hill, others to £94 Crookston, £93 Lennox & Low Stanley, £92.50 Gibstown & Shankfieldhead, £92 Pallet Hill & Felton Demense. Other breeds were also ‘on fire’ and sold to a top £86.50 for Charollais from Moss Side; Suffolks to £81.50 East Mains, £81 & £80 Felton Demense; Cheviot Mule to £82 Yetholm Mains, £77 Marwhirn; Greyfaces to £75.50 Parkhouse, £74 Brayshaw & Dale House, £70.50 Shankfield Head; North Country Cheviots to £85 Ericstanes, £81 Bank End; Leicester to £77 Cooks House; Lleyns to £73.50 The Height; Hampshire to £71.50 Fell House. Hill lambs topped at £74 for Kendal Roughs from Borrowbridge House. Hill Cheviots to £70.50 Twislehope, £62.50 Sorbie & Cooms; Swaledales to £41 Laverhay; Herdwicks to £60 Brayshaw; Bealuh to £63 Howcleugh; Blackfaces to £69 Wardrew.

Cast Rams & Ewes (608) a good show for numbers with all classes meeting a stronger trade. Top of £120 for Texel ewes from The Firth; Suffolks to £73 Low Stanley; Greyfaces to £77 The Firth; Leicesters to £80 Cook House and Hill Swaledales to £50 Low Stanley.

Cast rams sold to £106 & £101 for Texels from Marchbank; Cheviots to £89 High Thorneyburn, £81 Cooms & Marchbank; Blackfaces to £73 High Thorneyburn, £68 Sweetbit, £67 Minsca; Swaledales to £62 High Thorneyburn and Lleyns to £71 The Height.