Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

Store Sheep

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward an entry of 5,790 store hoggs, feeding ewes and cast rams at Longtown on Tuesday 15th January 2019.

Another super show of store hoggs attracted the usual ring of both local and distant buyers. Again, pure Beltex and Texel hoggs all sold between £80 to £90 per head and to a top of £95 for Beltex hoggs from Scales (Wilson), £93 Lingey Field, £91 Ericstane, £89 Cottage Farm (White), £88 Clints Farming. Texels to £88.50 East Mains, £88 The Hagg (Woodcock), £87.50 Hallrule Mill, £86.50 Shankfieldhead, £85.50 Staffler. 
Suffolks to £81 Aldery Terrace, £80 East Mains & Routin Lynn. Charollais to £88, £86, £84 Moss Side (Baxter). Greyface to £78 Pennyseorach & Clarghyll, £74.50 Keskadale, £74 The Hagg (Woodcock) & Longlea (Nixon). Cheviot Mules to £85 Kelsocleugh. North Cheviots to £85.50, £80 Ericstane, £84.50 Longformacus. Leicester to £77 Marr. Dorsets to £72 Aar-Dar. Romney to £65.50 Bishops Court. Kerry Hill to £66 Highfield. Jacobs to £74 Wardrew. Hill Cheviots to £69.50 Bloch, £69 East Redfordgreen, £66 Potholm and £64 Terrrona. Blackface to £71 Cross House (Murray), £66 Lamperts and £64 High Creoch. Swaledales to £62 Gillalees and £59 Longlea. Kendal Rough to £47 Church View.

Feeding ewes (395) were another great trade. Top of £85 for Texels from Downam, £84 Barnglieshead. Suffolks to £77 Foulshiels.

Hill ewes to £51 for Blackfaces from South Slipperfield. Cheviots to £44 Bloch and East Redfordgreen. Rams to £71 for a Leicester from Downam and Hill Cheviots to £66 Terrona.

Breeding Sheep

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward a quality show of in lamb gimmers and ewes, with all classes well bid for and more required for our next sale on Tuesday 29th January.

The sale topped at £142 (x2) and £140 (x2) for pure Texel gimmers with pens of Texel x regular aged ewes, scanned 200% selling at £112 to £117.

Principal prices

Suffolk to £114 East Mains.
Texel to £117, £116, £115, £112, £102, £100 East Mains.

Texel £142, £140 East Mains.