Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report


C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward an entry of 4,012 store hoggs, feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 29th January 2019

Although a similar show, quality was not as good, but trade was sharp from the start with all classes maintaining the last three weeks very high rates.

Again, pure Beltex and Texels all sold over £80 per head to a top of £88 for Texels from Eden Close, others to £86.50 Sandford, £86 High Loveladyshield & Sandford; Beltex to £86 Townfoot, £85 Gillside, £84 Lea Hill & Settereth Park; Suffolks to £86 Third Farms, £80 Ryehills, £78 Howford; Hill Cheviots to £73 & £71.50 Catslackburn; North Cheviots to £77 North Synton, £76 Ericstanes; Charollais to £80 Moss Side, £77 Coolingel, £74 Kelsocleugh; Greyfaces to £81 Mains of Collin, £76 Settereth Park, £74.50 Dunglass; Blackfaces to £67 Townshields, £65 Shepherds Cottage, £61 Borthwick Brae; Swaledales to £50 Briggs, £47 Branthwaite, £46 School Cottage; Herdwicks to £41 Coolingel; Romneys to £61 Coolingel.

Feeding ewes to £91 for Texels from Foulshiels. Hill ewes to £54 for Cheviots from Longrigg and £50 Corran Farm. Cast rams to £71 for a Continental from Limekiln Farm.


C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward a great show of quality breeding sheep to a large crowd of both local and distant purchasers, with sheep heading to Cumbria, Dumfriesshire, Northumberland and Lincolnshire, and many potential purchasers going home empty handed.

The sale topped at £140 for a pen of Texel x two shears from P. Gass, Aldery Terrace. Although the highlight of the sale was the dispersal of Scotch Mules from Messrs Jardine, Fairgirth who sold gimmers to £130, one crop to £122, two crop to £116 and three crop to £111, with his 157 ewes averaging £115.76.



Scotch Mules £130, £122, £125 Fairgirth.

Texel £120, £115 Aldery Terrace, £112 Fairshaw.

Lleyns £98 Over Whitlaw.

One Crop

Texel £140, £132, £128 Aldery Terrace, £122 Fairshaw.

North of England Mules £123 Haggistone Holm.

Scotch Mules £122, £116, £112 Fairgirth.

Two Crop

Scotch Mules £116, £114 Fairgirth.

Three Crop

Scotch Mules £111, £109 Fairgirth.

Texel £100 Haggistone Holm.