Longtown Store Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward an entry of 3,014 store hoggs and feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 5th February 2019.

The usual buyers were to the fore and with a poorer quality show presented, trade was good although last weeks very high rates were barely maintained.

Top was £83 for Beltexs from Hallrule Mill, others to £78 Powheads. Texels to £80 & £76 Pennyhill Park, £78 Swaites, £77 North Synton & Glentoo; Suffolks to £81 Felton Demense; Leicesters to £70 & £69 Pinclanty; Cheviot Mules to £73 Hawthornside; Greyfaces to £71.50 Murrayton Farms, £71 Macherquhat, £70 Greyside; North Cheviots to £75 & £74 North Synton, £70 Effgill; Hill Cheviots to £72 Archbank, £68 Murrayton Farms; Blackfaces to £68.50 & £65 Drummuckloch, £64.50 Murrayton Farms; Swaledales to £42 Winter Craig & The Briggs, £62.50 Greyside; Herdwicks to £46.50 Winter Craig; Lleyns to £68.50 Croys Lodge.

Feeding ewes (360) a larger show with trade dearer on the week. Top of £71 for Texel ewes from Greenside; Greyfaces to £61 Newton. Hill ewes to £57 for Cheviots from Over Cassock; Blackfaces to £48 Swinside Farming. Cast Rams to £70 for Cheviots from Archbank.