Longtown Store Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 2,382 store hoggs and cast ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 26th March 2019.

Another large entry for the time of year found all buyers keen to buy with all classes realising the highest rates so far.  Many more could easily have been disposed of.

Top of £93 for Beltex hoggs from Comlongan Mains who sold other pens at £88 and £83 (x2); Texel £92 Birchington, £81.50 Hazelbank; Suffolk £83 Hilltop (Story), £77.50 Whitchester; Hill Cheviot £81 Twislehope, £75, £71.50 Glendearg; Greyface £79.50 Low Old Shield, £73 Whitchester, £71.50 Holmehead; Leicester £75 Cowden; Romney £72.50 Hazelbank; North Country Cheviot £71.50 Greenside; Blackface £70.50 High Creoch, £68.50 Lawesknowe, £64 Stanhope; Rouge £69.50 Lochwood Mains; Cheviot Mule £69 Annandale Estates; Lleyn £66.50 Over Whitlaw; Herdwick £52.50 Rowhead; Swaledale £51 Stockdale.

Feeding ewes and rams (427) were a larger entry with all classes very dear. Top of £96 for Texels from Birchington, others to £89 from Greenside; Suffolk £93 Birchington; Greyface £81 Birchington; Lleyn £73 Over Whitlaw; Easycare £65 Croys Lodge.  Hill ewes to £59 for Cheviots from Whitchester, others £57 Stockdale, £56.50 Nether Gribton; Blackface £53 Cowden and Nether Gribton, £50 Tower; Swaledale £43 Coolingel; Herdwick £41 Stockdale.  Rams to £77 for a Suffolk from Stockdale; Hill Cheviot £76 Twislehope.

Geld ewe hoggs sold to £92 for Cheviot Mules, £86 for Greyfaces and £85 for Texels all from Birchington.