Longtown Store Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 2,533 at their weekly sale of store hoggs and feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 4th February 2020

Another good entry met a very dear trade from an active ring of buyers. Many more could easily been sold to vendors advantage.

Top was £130 for a Suffolk cross hogg from The Murray Family, Branxholm Braes donated for the Doddie Weir Charity.

Top price Texels were £104 from Dashwell Green, others to £100 Birchcraig and Chapel House; Beltexs to £102, £100, £97 Birch Craig, £94, £93 Grey Side; Suffolks to £92 Brayshaw & Hallrule Mill, £89 Wiza; Charollais to £93 Hallrule Mill; Dorsets to £90 New House, North Cheviots to £89 Effgill, £87 Marchbank, £83 Burrance of Courance; Greyfaces to £89 Albierigg, £85 Grey Side & High Parkfoot; Hill Cheviots to £85, £77 Burnfoot of Ewes & Branxholm Braes, £81, £80 Eldonsburn; Zwartbles to £63 Dallowie; Blackfaces to £77 Swinside & Shepherds Cottage & Grey Side & Tower, £76 Haliburton, £75 Crookston; Swaledales to £67 Branthwaite; Herdwicks to £80 Longrow; Lleyns to £76 Gatehousecote; Beulahs to £64 Howcleugh.

Feeding ewes also at extreme rates to a top of £94 for Texels from Smales Farm; Greyfaces to £89 Wiza, £80 Satchells; Cheviot Mules to £77 Longformacus. Hill ewes to £84 Burnfoot of Ewes; Blackfaces to £70 Haliburton; Swaledales to £66 Over Cairn; Lleyns to £60 Gatehousecote; Beulahs to £59 Howcleugh.

Cast rams to £91 & £86 Burnfoot of Ewes for Cheviots; Texels to £83 Dallowie; Beulahs to £62 Howcleugh.

Breeding sheep forward in smaller numbers but demand out stripped supply. Top £150 for in lamb Texel x gimmers from Fairshaw Crescent. In lamb three and four crop Texel x ewes to £130 from The Slacks. Blackfaces in lamb correct below ewes to £72 Fairshaw Crescent. In lamb hoggs to £120 (x2), £118 Airds of Balcary, who also sold Suffolks to £115. Geld hoggs to £100 for Greyfaces from Halfway House; Blackfaces to £70 Crookston.