Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report


C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 2,469 at their weekly sale of store hoggs and feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 25th February 2020.

A larger show of hoggs, again met a fast selling trade with more buyers operating. To a top of £117, £104, £101 for Beltexs from Longlea. Texels to £101 Crosscleugh, £100 Wauchope & Grindon Hill & West Rennington; Suffolks to £97 Staffler, £94 Marwhirn; Cheviot Mules to £84 Marwhirn; Charollais to £95 Staffler; North Cheviots to £97 North Corrielaw; Greyfaces to £98 Grindon Hill, £97 Rise Head, £90 Albierigg; Hill Cheviots to £91 & £85 Crosscleugh, £81 Eldonburn; Blackfaces to £84 Glenkiln Farms, £80 Lilburn Estates, £77 Albierigg & The Row; Swaledales to £82 Longlea.

Feeding ewes & rams were forward in less number but met an outstanding trade. Top £115 for Texels from Gowanburn; Cheviot Mules to £111 West Rennington; Suffolks to £100 Waterhead of Dryfe. Hill ewes to a top of £87 for Blackfaces from The Lowes; Swaledales to £65 Park House (Dover).

Cast rams to £117 for a Suffolk from Waterhead of Dryfe who also sold Texels to £110 and Beltexs to £100. Blackfaces to £63 The Lowes.


C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward a good entry of breeding sheep at Longtown on Tuesday 25th February 2020.  All classes sold well with the weather definitely affecting buyers confidence.

One crop Texel ewes sold at £160 from Old Boat Farm and Texel x ewes carrying triplets sold to £150 from Messrs Tailford, Rinnion Hills.  Greyface £140, £138 Aldery Terrace, £136 Old Boat Farm, £135, £130 Aldery Terrace, £130, £126, £124 Old Boat Farm; Cheviot Mule £122 Tushielaw.

In lamb hoggs to £118, £112 and £110 for Texel x from Barkbeth, others £108 Hareshaw Allotment.

Greyface geld ewes hoggs to £98 Branthwaite, £95 and £91 High Parkfoot.

A small entry of ewes with lambs at foot topped at £78 for a correct Cheviot Mule, Cheviots from the same home to £68 and Texel x to £66.