Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

The Country's Principal Sale of 8,048 Cheviot Mule Ewe Lambs and Shearlings along with Cheviot Mule Cross Ewe Lambs and Shearlings was held in Longtown on Tuesday 25th August 2020.

The directors commend the full team of hard-working staff at Longtown as they built a spectacular outdoor ring due to COVID-19 and a reluctancy to put customers health at risk, which therefore provided ample space for social distancing and proved that sales can be held in line with government regulations.

Congratulations must go to all of Longtown Auctions loyal vendors as it was clear to see a lot of time and effort had been put into the presentation of their sheep, which in turn was well rewarded. Simply outstanding, well done. The directors and auctioneers thank all purchasers and vendors alike, who travelled to Longtown from as far afield as Caithness, Aberdeen, Devon, Cornwall, Cheshire, Wales and Northern Ireland, stood all day in very trying weather conditions to purchase the finest Cheviot Mule sheep in the country.

As the sale commenced storm Francis did not disappoint as the heavens opened. However, the trade was one to be witnessed, excelling all vendors expectations and was red hot from start to finish.

Cheviot Mule Shearlings were first on the cards achieving an average of £189.60 (+£49.03p on 2019). Topping the sale was a pen of 16, realising an eye watering £230 and smashing the centre record for a fine example of the breed, consigned by M/s McIvor, Hartree Mill who’s run of 50 went on to average £218.60

Cheviot Mule Shearlings Top Flock Averages

McIvor, Hartree Mill £218.60 (50)

McNee, Over Finlarg £211.18 (170)

Floors Farming, Rawburn £208.50 (203)

M Barker Farming Ptns, Tancred Grange £205.33 (76)

Warden, Skelfhill £204.69 (146)

Wilson, Marwhirn £196.32 (201)

Top Prices

£230 Hartree Mill, £225 Rawburn & Over Finlarg & Tancred Grange & Hartree Mill, £215 Marwhirn & Annanhill & Over Finlarg, £210 Rawburn, £205 Skelfhill & Over Finlarg & Tancred Grange, £200 Tancred Grange & Hartree Mill & Over Finlarg & Marwhirn & Rawburn & Todhillmuir & Skelfhill.

Cheviot Mule Ewe Lambs sold to a blistering trade averaging a staggering £131.53 (+£35.42p on 2019). The quality of lambs put before a full ring of purchasers was second to none, being testament to the producers whom took great pride in showing their sheep albeit in abysmal weather conditions. Topping the sale and again smashing the centre record was a stylish pen of 20 realising £200 consigned by M/s Ridley, Ranbeck, Penrith who also had the second top price of £175, this run of 188 lambs went on to realise the top overall average of a astounding £155.80, whilst M/s  Hedley, Swinside Townfoot had a fantastic run of 138 lambs forward which topped at the third highest price of the day of £170. This run of very well-bred lambs went on to average the second highest average of the day, levelling at a marvellous £153.15.

Cheviot Mule Ewe Lambs Top Flock Averages

Ridley, Ranbeck £155.80 (188)

Hedley, Swinside Townfoot £153.15 (138)

Cockburn, Kingside £150.31 (121)

Bridgewater & Wood, Potholm £147.28 (97)

Floors Farming, Rawburn £142.57 (97)

Reid, Boreland £142.25 (60)

McQuat, Brockhouse £141.76 (123)

Hewitt, Bankhead £141.59 (41)

Philliphaugh Estates £138.35 (60)

Cheviot Farming, Elsdonburn £137.50 (50)

Dean, Kirkhouse £136.37 (51)

Firm of Nisbet Mill £136.99 (129)

Beard, Dormansteads £135.98 (89)

King, Gospel Hall £135.22 (335)

Blair, Dodgsowstown £133.20 (167)

Osbourne, Chapel £132.26 (121)

Common, Crossdykes £132.95 (73)

Top Prices

£200, £175 Ranbeck, £170 Swinside Townfoot, £165 Boreland, £160 Kingside & Brockhouse, £158 Potholm, £155 Nisbet Mill & Marwhirn & Potholm, £152 Ranbeck & Swinside Townfoot & Gospel Hall, £150 Swinside Townfoot & Philiphaugh & Bankhead & Potholm & Stobshiel Mains & Gospel Hall.

Texel cross Gimmers sold to a large enquiry of purchasers ensuring all vendors left highly delighted with their days trading. Topping the sale was a pen of long, clean shapley ladies consigned by M/s GG & MA Harrison, Aldermanseat realising £225. A fantastic sale average of £186.43 (+£20.11 on 2019)

Top prices

£225, £220 Aldermanseat, £215, £205, £200 Upper Mains.

Texel Cross Ewe Lambs followed suit in the days trading being very good to sell achieving an overall average of £117 (+£16 on 2019). Topping this section was a pen of lovely lambs consigned by M/s M Strang-Steel, Philiphaugh Estates realising £142.  

Top prices

£142 Philiphaugh & Dormansteads & West Bolton, £140 Swinhoe North & West Bolton, £138 Kingside, £132 Upper Hundalee, £130 Philiphaugh, £126 Kingside, £125, £124 Upper Hundalee, £122 Philiphaugh & West Bolton.

4,077 store lambs were also forward.

Another marvellous quality show of lambs attracted a large company of buyers, with several from a distance. Trade was sky high from start to finish with all vendors leaving delighted and many more could easily have been sold.

The feature of the sale was a consignment of 571 quality Suffolk and Texel lambs from Craig Bradbury, Satchells who averaged £82.14, with Suffolks selling to £91 and Texels at £87.50. 

Top price of £98 for Texels from Elmbank with others to £96 Solwaybank and £90 Briery Square. Suffolks to £91 and £89.50 Satchells. Dutch Texels to £85 Briery Square. Cheviot Mules to £80 Low Dubwath. Charollais to £79 Dunnabie House. Greyface to £72.50 Hightown & Hepplehill, £69 Old Police House, £68 High Burnfoot. North Cheviots to £74 Meikle Whitriggs and £72.50 Elmbank. Hill Cheviots to £72 Twislehope, £69 Gibblaston and £68 Longformacus. Romneys to £60 Home Farm. Blackface to £59 School Road. Swaledale to £52.50 Wydoncleughside. Herdwick to £40 Romanway.

Feeding ewes to £100 Briery Square with hill types to £67 Low Tipalt.