Longtown Store Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 7,939 store lambs and feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 22nd September 2020.

Another large offering sold to a full ring of local and distant buyers from the south. Lambs were smaller but trade similar, in a nutshell dearer on the week. Overall average £73.40.

Top £94 for a Texel from Rinnion Hills, followed at £93 Baggarah, £90 Gillalees; Beltex to £91 Greenwell Meadows, £90 Gillalees; Charollais to £82 Edgerston Trading; Suffolk to £82.50, £80.50 Edgerston Trading , £80.50 Waterloo, £79.50 Waterhead of Dryffe; Greyfaces to £79 Aldery Terrace, £78.50 School Cottage, £78 Hightown, £77 Gillalees; Cheviot Mules to £84.50 Pilmuir; Roussins to £90 East Foreshield; Beulah to £81 Howcleuch; Easycares to £60.50 Croys Lodge; Swaledales to £47 Lilburn Estate, £46 Ouston. Feeding ewes to £80 for Texels from Barguillean Partnership. Hill ewes to £54 for Blackfaces from High Thorneyburn, who also sold Cheviots to £51. Rams to £60 for Swaledales from East Kielder.

At the weekly sale of Hill Cheviots an entry of 2,430 were forward, buyers were again keen to buy as a result trade was stronger for a very good show. Best lambs selling between £65 and £75. Top £84.50 and £76 for Hill Northies from Courstein, others to £75 Barguillean Partnership, £73.50 Raeburnfoot, £71 Lymiecleugh. Hill Cheviots to £72.50 Priesthaugh, £72 Carterton, £69.50 Twislehope, £69 Glendinning & Easter Alemoor.

At the special sale of Blackfaces there was a top-quality entry of 2,000 forward, trade was easily the best of the season with extreme prices realised. Top £75 Allensgreen, £70.50 Edges Green, £68 The Row, £67 Lamperts. Top lambs all sold between £65 and £70 plus.