Longtown Border Ewe Sale

C&D Auction Marts Ltd held their annual Border Ewe Sale at Longtown on Wednesday 30th September 2020, where there was a catalogued entry of 10,053.

Buyers were present from all over the UK for this annual sale, trade was electric from start to finish and selling at extreme rates. In general, all sheep had summered well and were in excellent condition for sale, which producers are commended for averages in all sections being £30-£50 up on the year.

The feature of the sale was a pen of 307 North Country Cheviot correct ewes from Messrs Bradbury, Todrig, Ashkirk which sold for £150 to Messrs Binns, Keighly.

Incorporated in the sale was two North Country Cheviot dispersals, the first from Mr RG Mark, Sunnygill, Ousby, Penrith who’s top was £172 for gimmers, two shears to £150, three shears to £160, 4 shears to £142 and five shears to £148. The second dispersal was from Howe Farming, Fenwick, Hawick who’s top was £160 for one crop, gimmers to £155, two crop to £150, three crop to £142 and four crop to £120.

North Country Cheviot ewes sold to £170, £165, £160 from Messrs Davies, Harwood on Teviot, Hawick, others to £165 Miller Hill, £160 Sunnygill & Fenwick. Gimmers sold to £260 from N MacDonald, West Blackbyre & Larkhall. Ewe lambs sold to £200 G Davies & Partners, North Synton, others to £170 Hownam Grange, £155 Brockhouse, £150 Humbleheugh & Hilltop (Bell).
South Country Cheviots ewes were forward in top form and a grand show of all classes. Draught ewes selling to a top of £210 for an outstanding pen of 20 four crop ewes consigned by Mr RM Paton, Castle Crawford, Abington, others to £152 Crossdykes, £140 Catslackburn, £140 Stirkfield Farms. Gimmers sold to a top of £240, £210 from Stirkfield Farms, others to £155 Easterhouse Farms, £150 Longburgh Fauld. Ewe lambs sold to £82 from IHG Warden, Skelfhill, others to £80 Castle Crawford, £78 Hindhope (Elliott) & Mount Benger.

A great entry of over 2,700 Blackface ewes, shearlings and ewe lambs were forward to an international ring of purchasers ensuring all vendors left with a smile and very pleased with their days trading at Longtown. All producers brought forward their consignments in perfect sale condition which was testament to their hard work and perseverance though a tough time and adverse weather conditions.

First on the agenda was the Blackface gimmers. Incorporated into this class was the annual sale of North of England type Blackfaces on behalf of the North of England Blackface sheep Society. Gimmers topped at £175 for an exuberant pen of Gimmers consigned by noted breeder’s Messrs Walton, Wanwood Hill who also had a pen at £170. Others to £170 Messrs A Murray, Stell Green, £170 G Famelton, Horseholme. Draught ewes sold to a top of £112 for a pen of 12 young ewes consigned by Messrs Murray, Roughet Hill who’s also had a pen of older ewes at £100. Others to £102, Howe Farming, Fenwick, £94 Riskinhope Trust, £92 x 2 The Kennel Club, Emblehope, £92 Howe Farming, Fenwick, £92 CJF Sinclair, RDS Forestry. Ewe lambs were very selective with better types good to sell, topping at £94 for a penful of 24 strong, eyecatching lambs consigned again by noted breeders Messrs Walton, Wanwood Hill. Others to £90 & £82 Messrs Walton, Allensgreen, £80 M/s Roskell, Laverhay £80 Messrs Robson, Yatesfield.

Swaledale gimmers and draught ewes sold very well indeed topping at £128 for a pen of 10 consigned by Messrs K Hope, The Barrocks. Others to £125, £120, £102, £100 L Pollock, Dumblar Rigg Herdwicks sold to at top of £98 for a bonny pen of shearlings consigned by Messrs S Dawkins, Romanway.

The Directors, Auctioneers and all the staff here at Longtown thank both vendors and buyers alike for their compliance with COVID 19 restrictions and most of all for their continued support through these difficult times and we look forward to seeing you all in the very near future.


NCC Ewes – 107.13 (+ £22 on 2019)
NCC Gimmers - £177.18 (+ £48 on 2019)
NCC Ewe Lambs - £97.58 (+ £8 on 2019)

SCC Ewes - £93.19 (+ £27 on 2019)
SCC Gimmers - £142.04 (+ £13 on 2019)
SCC Ewe Lambs - £70.33 (+ £6 on 2019)

Blackface Ewes – £70.93 (+ £12 on 2019)
Blackface Gimmers - £131.71 (+ £21 on 2019)
Blackface Ewe Lambs - £67.03 (+ £12 on 2019)

Swaledale Ewes – £90.37 (+ £32 on 2019)
Swaledale Gimmers - £111.05 (+ £46 on 2019)


South Country Cheviot: £210 Castle Crawford, £152 Crossdykes, £150 Castle Crawford, £142 Catslackburn, £140 Stirkfield, £138 Catslackburn, £125 Sydenham Grange & Crossdykes.
North Country Cheviot: £170, £165, £160 Harwood on Teviot, £165 Miller Hill, £160 Sunnygill & Fenwick, £158 Sunnygill, £155 Marwhirn, The Side & Sunnygill, £152 Harwood on Teviot, £150 Satchells, Marwhirn & Fenwick, £148 Marwhirn, £150, £148, £145, £142, £140 Sunnygill, £140 High Thorneyburn.  

Swaledale: £120 Dumblar Rigg, £104 East Kielder, £82 High Thorneyburn.
Blackface: £112 Roughet Hill, £102 Fenwick, £100 Roughet Hill, £94 Riskenhope, £92 Emblehope, RDS Forestry & Fenwick, £91 Riskenhope, £85 RDS Forestry.

North Country Cheviot: £260 West Blackbyre, £225 Binsey, £220 Larkhall, Dormansteads, Binsey & West Blackbyre, £215 Dormansteads, £210 The Wynding, Temon & Longburgh Fauld, £200 Temon & Longburgh Fauld.
South Country Cheviot: £240, £210 Stirkfield, £ £155 Easterhouse, £152 Holm Cottage, £150 Longburgh Fauld, £145 Stirkfield, The Burrows & Megdale, £140 Chanlockfoot. 
Blackface: £175, £170 Wanwood Hill, £170 Stell Green & Horseholm, £168 Lanehead, £160 Sewing Shields.
Swaledale: £128 The Barrocks, £125, £120, £102, £100 Dunblar Rigg.
Herdwick: £98 Romanway.
Ewe lambs:
North Country Cheviot: £200 North Synton, £170 Hownam Grange, £155 Brockhouse, £150 Hilltop, £150, £140 Humbleheugh, £135 Stonecroft.
South Country Cheviot: £120, £90 North Shortcleugh, £82 Skelfhill, £80 Castle Crawford.
Blackface: £94 Wanwood Hill, £90, £82 Allensgreen, £80 Laverhay, Wanwood Hill & Yatesfield.


The North Country Cheviot Sheep Society sale of rams was held at Longtown on  Wednesday 30th September 2020 in conjunction with the annual Border Ewe Sale.

A strong show of shearlings were forward and met a good commercial trade with better sheep in good demand but only modest interest in the lesser sorts. Overall 141 Cheviot rams of all ages averaged £348, a little up on last year`­s figure.

Robbie McCormack of Croftheads, Lockerbie took the top price of £1,100 for Croftheads Alba, a shearling by Gospelhall Renegade out of a Kinaldy bred ewe.  He was purchased by Messrs Rowlands, Bala, North Wales.  Robbie had another at £900 and averaged £700 for his consignment.

A Matthewson & Sons, Soutra, Midlothian had shearlings at £1,050 and £1,020, the former, by, W.J. Where`s Uncle Tony, went to D. & D. Robinson, Glenarm, Ballymena, Northern Ireland and the latter, by Jethart Trigger, was bought by J.G. Singer & Partners, Linbriggs, Harbottle.

£1,000 twice was paid to J. Runciman & Sons, Allanshaws, Stow; these were purchased by David Slone, Piel View, Barrow in Furness and C. Anderson, Dunterley Farm, Bellingham. Other Park shearlings sold to £820, Carruthers; £800, Swinside Townfoot; £800, Kelsocleugh Farming; £780, Broomhillbank; £750, North Synton; £720, Gothigill;

Mrs C. M. Reid, Portmore led the Hill section with a two shear ram at £750 and the unregistered Cheviot rams sold to £500 for a two shear from Whitstonehill.­­

Leading N.C. Cheviot averages          Top                  Avg.                

Croftheads                                          1,100               700
Soutra                                                 1,050               680
Allanshaws                                         1,000               573
Broomhillbank                                     780                  540
Carruthers                                           820                  492
Swinside Townfoot                              800                  464
North Synton                                       750                  452
Kelsocleugh                                        800                  450                 
Gothigill                                               720                  440
Portmore                                             750                  424


The annual sale of Traditional Bluefaced Leicester rams, held to coincide with the Border Cheviot Ewe Sale, C & D Auction Marts of Longtown had a good quality entry which met strong demand and a level trade with all bar one sold.  Shearlings averaged £426, up £94 on the year, and 79 Leicesters of all ages averaged £393.

At £1,000, the sale leader from R. McLymont & Son, Kirksteads, Yarrow went to J.W. Hall, Darnbrook Farm, Malham Moor, Yorkshire. The Kirkstead pen averaged £650.

J. I. McNeil, Glenjaan, Moniave sold at £620 with the consignment from G.G.F. Milne, Kinaldy, Fife topping at £600 with another at £520.  Others sold to £580 & £520, Burgh Head; £580 & £550 (twice) Round Meadows; £550 (twice), Kirksteads; £550, High Lead; £520, Mosser Mains and £500 each to Tappitlane, Kirksteads, Raggetsyke, Glenjaan, Mosser Mains (twice), Warkshaugh and Roundmeadows.