Longtown Store & Breeding Sheep Sale Report

C&D Auction Marts Ltd had forward 8,811 store lambs and feeding ewes at Longtown on Tuesday 13th October 2020.

A large but mixed show of lambs attracted many buyers from Wales and further south, all classes met a fast selling trade with late high rates more than maintained.

Top £100 for Texels from Gallowshill Farm, others to £96 Harehead, £90 Shaw Cottage; Beltex to £87 Kilberry Home Farm, £86 Gillalees; Suffolks to £86 Heathfield, £80.50 Lynnshield & Tarrasfoot; Charollais to £81 Moss Side; Greyfaces to £76 Crindledykes, £75 Bayles, £74 Eriff Estates; Romneys to £71 Collielaw; Easy Cares to £65 Glenlea; Kerry Hills to £68 Derskelpin; Zwartbles to £75 Cara View; Swaledales to £50 Dunasherry Farm, £49 Laverhay; Herdwicks to £46 Thirlspot.

Feeding ewes to £120 for Texels from South Thornberry. Hill ewes to £70 for Kendal Roughs from Lynnshields.

Cheviots (2,216) a similar entry and a tremendous trade with several pens of the best lambs making over £70 plus. Top £85 for North Country Cheviot from Heathfield, others to £78 Monklaw, £74 Routin Lynn. Hill Cheviots to £75 Twislehope & Blackburn, others to £73 Granton, £72 Twislehope.

Blackfaces (2,229) again a very strong trade to £73 from The Mains (Goodfellow), others to £71 Morven, £70 Ruighe Beag.