Longtown Rare Breed Poultry Sale

C&D Auction Marts Limited held their Annual Spring Sale of Poultry, Waterfown, Hatching Eggs,Cage Birds and Equipment at Longtown on Saturday 19th March 2016.

A huge crowd of prospective customers were forward with all quality lots being very freely bid for with most lots well exceeding expectations.

A full ring of buyers was present for the cage birds with all vendors going home delighted with most lots well exceeding expectations.

A large crowd of purchasers gathered for the equipment with all lots being easily sold.


Poultry & Waterfowl

Trio Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantams £125, £115

Trio Pekins (Frizzle) May 2015 £110

Quartet Silver Sebrights £90

Quintet Ayam Cenanin (Indonesian) £75

Three Silver Laced Wyandotte Hens Large Fowl £75

Pair Magpie Call Ducks £70

Trio Brown Red Modern Bantams £70

Trio Lemon Pekins (5 months) £70

Pair Mandarins £70

Trio P.O.L. Cream Legbars £70

Two Welsummer Bantam Pullets £70 (x2)

Three Black Rock Pullets £65

Pair Apricot Call Ducks £65, £60

Quartet Rhode Island Red Bantams £65

Trio Wheaten Maran Pullets £65

One Female White Call Duck (2015 Hatch) £65 (x2)

Quartet Golden Sebrights £60

Two Barred Wyandotte Bantam Pullets £60

Pair Shell Ducks £60

Trio Wheaten Maran Pullets £60

Two Buff Orpington Pullets £60

Two Rhode Island Red Pullets £60

Cage Birds

Two Ring Neck Parakeets £125, £90

Four Cockatiels £65

Five Lovebirds £55

Three Japanese Quail £50

Pair Garden Fantails £45

Three Diamond Doves £45

Trio Californian Quail £45

Pair Parakeets £45

Six Canaries £40

Seven Budgies £35, £34

Six Zebra Finches £35

Pair Canaries £32

Breeding Pair Diamond Doves £30

Five Zebra Finches £30

Eight Bengalese Finches £30

Pair Diamond Doves £30

One Female Parakeet £28

Two Grass Finch Hecks £28

Trio Northern Bob White Quail £28

Pair Budgies £25

Ten Chinese Painted Quail £25

Two Breeding Pair Bengalese £24


Parrot Cage £50

Small Poultry House £50

Large Plastic Cage £38

Bird Cage £32

Bird Keep Equipment £30

Large Plastic Cage £25

Double Carry Box £24

15 metre 19 Guage Thilweld £22

Carry Box £22

Double Carry Box £22

Small Poultry House £22

Small Sectional Poultry House £20

Roll Aviary Wire £20

Wooden Poultry Crate £20