Longtown Rare Breed Poultry Sale

C & D Auction Marts held their annual Autumn Sale of Poultry and Cage Birds at Longtown on Saturday 5th November 2016. 

Buyers and sellers were present from throughout the UK with a packed crowd of bidders and onlookers at both ringsides, ensuring quality lots met a strong trade throughout with many lots exceeding seller`s expectations.

The sale topped at £205 for a Trio of Old English Game (Grey), £102 for three Rhode Island Red Pullets, £92 for a pair of White Call Ducks, £85 for Three Cream Legbar Pullets, £82 and £72 for three White Silkie Pullets, £78 for Four Isa Brown Hens, £70 for a Trio White Wyandotte Bantams, £65 for a Trio of Lavender Cuckoo Pekins, £65 for Two Blue Pekin Pullets, £65 and £60 for a Trio of Lady Amherst Pheasants, £60 for a Trio of Buff Orpington Ducks and £60 for Three Large Fowl 'FR' Cuckoo Maran Pullets.

A larger entry of quality Cage Birds, again, saw all lots sell well above expectations. There was a wide and attractive selection of Budgerigars, Finches, Quail, Canaries and Javas.  Kakarikis topped this section at £80 with Cockatiels and a breeding pair of Fischers Lovebirds at £60, others to £42 for a Pair of Celestrial Parrotlets. Poultry equipment also attracted considerable interest.